Prepaid Legal Services
Annual Registration Form Instructions

  1. Please type or print all information included on the form.
  2. Please answer all questions completely. If the space provided on the form is not sufficient to respond to a particular question, please attach a separate page with your response and note the attachment on the form.
  3. If you have Internet access, the form can be downloaded from the Supreme Court of Ohio's Web page. The address of the Supreme Court's Web page is
  4. If you have questions regarding completion of the Annual Registration Form, please contact the Office of Attorney Services at the address or telephone number noted below.

Each Prepaid Legal Services Plan is required to complete an Annual Registration Form and file the form with the Supreme Court of Ohio Office of Attorney Services no later than the first day of March. Please return the completed Annual Registration Form by mail (no fax transmissions, please) to the following address:

Susan B. Christoff, Esq.
Director of Attorney Services
Supreme Court of Ohio
65 S. Front Street, 5th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431