Advisory Opinion Process

Authority to Issue Opinions

(C) Advisory Opinions. The Board may issue informal, nonbinding advisory opinion letters in response to prospective or hypothetical questions directed to the Board regarding the application of the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio, the Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Judiciary of Ohio, the Code of Professional Responsibility, the Code of Judicial Conduct, or the Attorney's Oath of Office. Subject to the approval of the Supreme Court, the Board shall adopt regulations for the issuance of advisory opinions.

Request for Opinions

Attorneys and judges may request advisory opinions by submitting a question in writing to the Secretary of the Board or to the Staff Counsel.

Availability of Opinions

Opinions are available through the Board's office.  The Board also maintains a mailing list of interested subscribers and will mail opinions as issued.

Opinions are Online

Opinions are available in libraries