Prison Crowding: The Long View, With Suggestions

Criminal Statutes After the Colon, Horner, and Johnson Cases

Monitoring Sentencing Reform 2009: Survey of Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys

Simplifying the Felony Sentencing Statutes

A Decade of Sentencing Reform

Rape Penalties Recommendations 2006

2005 Monitoring Report

Judicial Decision Making After Blakely and Booker - Updated February 2005

Felony Sentencing in Ohio After Foster

Thoughts on Applying S.B. 2 to "Old Law" Inmates

A Plan for Asset Forfeiture Law Reforms

A Plan for Juvenile Sentencing

A Plan for Misdemeanor Sentencing Vol. I (general)

A Plan for Misdemeanor Sentencing Vol. II (traffic)

Training Manual for S.B. 179 (juvenile sentencing reforms)

Felony Sentencing Quick Guide

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