Felony Sentencing 6-Page Quick Reference Guide

Felony Sentencing 4-Page Quick Reference Guide

Drug Offense Quick Reference Guide

H.B. 86 Summary: 2011 Changes to Criminal & Juvenile Law

Vehicular Homicides & Assaults After H.B. 491

H.B. 241 (Asset forfeiture reforms)

Misdemeanor Sentencing Primer - Updated July 26, 2004

S.B. 179 (juvenile sentencing reforms)

H.B. 393 (refinements to S.B. 179)

Traffic Law Primer - updated Jan. 1, 2005

Traffic Sentencing Tables - updated Jan. 1, 2005

H.B. 329 - Traffic Law Refinements 2005-06

H.B. 327 (felony sentencing refinements)

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