Clients' Security Fund FAQ

What is The Clients' Security Fund?
The Fund is an agency of the Supreme Court of Ohio that compensates the clients of dishonest attorneys when a theft has been committed.

What are the Eligibility Requirements For Reimbursement?
The following cirteria must be met in order for a claim to be eligible for reimbursement:

What Types of Claims Are Not Eligible For Reimbursement From The Fund?
Loans between a client and their attorney; Claims for legal malpractice, negligence, or fee disputes.

Who Decides If I Qualify For Reimbursement?
The Board of Commissioners of the Clients' Security Fund determines which claims are eligible for reimbursement. The Board consists of seven members, appointed by the Supreme Court of Ohio, who may serve no more than two consecutive 3 year terms. After the Clients' Security Fund's staff investigates the claims, they are submitted to the Board for a determination of eligibility.

How Much Can I Recover?
The maximum award amount is $75,000.

How Much Does It Cost To File A Claim?
There is no fee charged when filing a CSF Claim. The Clients' Security Fund is an agency of the Supreme Court.
Claimants are not charged for proceedings before the Board.

Are These Proceedings Confidential?
All claims filed and all records obtained by the Board are confidential. However, if an award is made, the names of the claimant and attorney, and the nature of the claim may be disclosed.

Do I Need An Attorney To File A Claim?
An attorney is not required to file a claim with the CSF. If you wish to have an attorney's assistance, you may; however, the Clients' Security Fund staff is available to investigate claims and to assist a claimant in documenting their claim.

What Happens If My Claim Is Eligible?
A claimant must sign a Clients' Security Fund Subrogation Agreement prior to receiving the award money. You will be required to assign to the Fund your right to collect from the attorney.