Uniform Mediation Act - General Information

Ohio's Uniform Mediation Act: A Reader's Guide Adobe PDF Link opens new window.
The Reader's Guide provides for the general public a summary of the UMA, steps to determine whether a mediation communication is admissible in court, the history of the UMA, a brief discussion of Ohio's previous mediation law, differences between the UMA and Ohio's previous mediation law, and the impact of the UMA on the Ohio Revised Code.

Uniform Mediation Act: Frequently Asked Questions
The Uniform Mediation Act is a very intricate and important piece of legislation. These Frequently Asked Questions offer answers to pressing issues that are especially helpful to mediation parties and/or participants. For instance, how does one know whether a mediation is covered bythe UMA? And, how can a mediation party restrict someone else from disclosing what was said during a mediation in a subsequent legal proceeding?

Uniform Mediation Act Quiz
How well do you understand the UMA? Take this quiz and find out!

UMA Helpful Web Sites
Several useful Web sites are provided to locate additional UMA resources.