Advisory Opinions Relative to Judicial Campaign Conduct and Fundraising
Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline

Copies of these Advisory Opinions are available by clicking on the link to the opinion or calling the Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline at 614.387.9370.

Op. No. 87-02 (May 7, 1987) - Use of the term "reelect" in judicial campaign

Op. No. 88-7 (April 25, 1988) - Judges should not engage in the business of consulting for political candidates

Op. No. 89-15 (June 16, 1989) - Use of the title "judge;" joint advertising and endorsements; independent fundraising activities

Op. No. 90-24 (Dec. 14, 1990) - Judges and referees may make contributions to candidates and political parties; referees may not make direct or indirect contributions to judges of the court on which they serve

Op. No. 92-11 (April 10, 1992) - Judges and judicial candidates may sign nominating petitions for judicial and nonjudicial candidates

Op. No. 93-9 (Oct. 15, 1993) - Participation in a parade

Op. No. 97-6 (Oct. 10, 1997) - Creation of campaign committee by incumbent judge; expenditure of carryover funds outside the fundraising period

Op. No. 98-7 (June 5, 1998) - Termination by judicial candidate of a nonjudicial campaign committee and disbursement of nonjudicial campaign funds

Op. No. 98-8 (June 5, 1998) - Service on political party executive committee or county board of elections

Op. No. 98-11 (Oct. 9, 1998) - Acceptance of campaign contributions from an elected clerk of court and employees of the clerk

Op. No. 01-1 (Feb. 2, 2001) - Campaign conduct of a judge whose spouse is a candidate for public office.

Op. No. 02-3 (April 5, 2002) - Scope of a judge's permissible communication on proposed constitutional amendment regarding drug treatment.

Op. No. 02-8 (Aug. 9, 2002) - Guidelines on scope of permissible judicial campaign speech.

Op. No. 02-013 (Oct. 4, 2002) - Campaign activities by magistrates on behalf of judicial candidates.

Op. No. 03-8 (Dec. 5, 2003) - Use of title and appearance in a robe by magistrates running for judicial office; use of campaign funds by judges, judicial candidates, and magistrates pursuant to Canon 7(C)(7).

Op. No. 09-11 (Dec. 4, 2009) - Charitable contributions from personal or judicial campaign funds.

Op. No. 10-7 (Dec. 3, 2010) - Judicial use of and participation in social networking sites.

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