Advisory Opinions Relative to Judicial Campaign Conduct and Fundraising
Board of Professional Conduct

Copies of these Advisory Opinions are available by clicking on the link to the opinion or calling the Board of Professional Conduct at 614.387.9370.

Op. No. 87-02 (May 7, 1987) - Use of the term "reelect" in judicial campaign

Op. No. 88-7 (April 25, 1988) - Judges should not engage in the business of consulting for political candidates

Op. No. 89-15 (June 16, 1989) - Use of the title "judge;" joint advertising and endorsements; independent fundraising activities

Op. No. 90-24 (December 14, 1990) - Judges and referees may make contributions to candidates and political parties; referees may not make direct or indirect contributions to judges of the court on which they serve

Op. No. 92-11 (April 10, 1992) - Judges and judicial candidates may sign nominating petitions for judicial and nonjudicial candidates

Op. No. 93-9 (October 15, 1993) - Participation in a parade

Op. No. 97-6 (October 10, 1997) - Creation of campaign committee by incumbent judge; expenditure of carryover funds outside the fundraising period

Op. No. 98-7 (June 5, 1998) - Termination by judicial candidate of a nonjudicial campaign committee and disbursement of nonjudicial campaign funds

Op. No. 98-8 (June 5, 1998) - Service on political party executive committee or county board of elections

Op. No. 98-11 (October 9, 1998) - Acceptance of campaign contributions from an elected clerk of court and employees of the clerk

Op. No. 01-1 (February 2, 2001) - Campaign conduct of a judge whose spouse is a candidate for public office.

Op. No. 02-3 (April 5, 2002) - Scope of a judge's permissible communication on proposed constitutional amendment regarding drug treatment.

Op. No. 02-8 (August 9, 2002) - Guidelines on scope of permissible judicial campaign speech.

Op. No. 02-13 (October 4, 2002) - Campaign activities by magistrates on behalf of judicial candidates.

Op. No. 03-8 (December 5, 2003) - Use of title and appearance in a robe by magistrates running for judicial office; use of campaign funds by judges, judicial candidates, and magistrates pursuant to Canon 7(C)(7).

Op. No. 09-11 (December 4, 2009) - Charitable contributions from personal or judicial campaign funds.

Op. No. 10-7 (December 3, 2010) - Judicial use of and participation in social networking sites.

Op. No. 14-1 (January 31, 2014) - Standard for disqualification when counsel is a participant in a judge’s current campaign.

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