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Nov. 12, 2009
Supreme Court Releases Lawyer-Client Guide

A Consumer's Practical Guide to Managing a Relationship With a LawyerThe Supreme Court of Ohio today released a publication that provides practical information about the lawyer-client relationship for Ohioans considering hiring an attorney.

A joint project of the Supreme Court’s Clients’ Security Fund and Commission on Professionalism, the guide is intended to promote the public’s confidence in the integrity of the legal profession in Ohio.

It is hoped that Ohioans use this guide with its easy-to-understand terms for help in finding a lawyer, what to expect after hiring a lawyer, how to avoid problems in the lawyer-client relationship, and what steps to take if problems do occur. The guide also contains a glossary of common legal terms and their definitions.

“Hiring an attorney can present many challenges to someone unfamiliar with the legal system,” said Janet Green Marbley, administrator of the Clients’ Security Fund. “The tips included in this consumer guide should go a long way toward establishing a comfort level when the need arises to hire an attorney.”

Lori Keating, secretary to the Commission on Professionalism, said other aspects of the guide speak to the duties that the attorney and the client have when working together. “Appreciating the roles each person plays and how one’s actions affect the other should reduce misunderstandings and lead to more successful attorney-client relationships.”

The guide will be distributed through multiple channels to reach Ohio consumers, including judges, clerks of court, legal aid offices and public defender offices. Attorneys should contact the Clients’ Security Fund or Commission on Professionalism for free copies to distribute to their clients.

Access the guide.

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