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July 27, 2009
Supreme Court Authorizes Expanded Representation by Legal Interns

The Supreme Court of Ohio today announced the adoption of amendments that expand who legal interns can represent. Justices voted 7-0 in approving the amendments, which become effective Aug. 1.

Amendments to Rule II of the Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio will permit legal interns to represent individuals in fourth-degree and fifth-degree felony matters and juveniles, if the crime would be a fourth- or fifth-degree felony if committed by an adult, as long as a supervising attorney accompanies the legal intern to all court proceedings. For first-, second-, or third-degree felonies, supervising attorneys would serve as co-counsel to legal interns in all court proceedings.

The amendments also call for supervising attorneys to certify that they will perform all duties as required and further clarify the duration and expiration of a legal intern certificate.

Access the text of the new amendments.

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