On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, the Supreme Court of Ohio launched an expanded news program – Court News Ohio – that features stories about the Ohio judicial system. This archived page on the Supreme Court’s website only displays news stories that occurred before that date. News stories that occurred on July 17 and thereafter can be found at www.courtnewsohio.gov.

March 9, 2009
Supreme Court Launches Refresh of Website

The Supreme Court of Ohio today unveiled a refresh of its website as part of its ongoing efforts to use technology to educate, engage and inform the public about the Ohio judicial system.

Visitors will notice a more user-friendly website targeted to a larger judicial branch audience, according to Supreme Court Administrative Director Steven C. Hollon. Users should also note the slightly revised URL to www.supremecourt.ohio.gov. Hollon said the simplified URL results in a cleaner look and eliminates the run-on wording of the previous URL. The ohio.gov ending also places the Court in the mainstream with many executive branch state agencies. The old URL also will work indefinitely.

Court website users will need to update their bookmarks to reflect the new URL. Starting today, Court staff members also will begin using a new email address convention that reflects the new URL with a slight variation: firstname.lastname@sc.ohio.gov.

Other improvements to the Court’s website include:

“With this change we hope to establish the Court’s website as the preeminent source for news and information about the Ohio judicial system,” Hollon said. “We increased the amount of space available for displaying news and images on the Home page and are working with our justice system partners to include more and more news from non-Supreme Court sources.”

Additional technological advancements of the new site include the ability to download audio of Supreme Court oral arguments through iTunes. The Court is working with Ohio Channel on posting downloadable video as well. Those interested in specific videos of past cases can access a searchable video archive, which is also a new feature of the revamped website, by visiting:


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