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Oct. 30, 2009
Chief Justice, Attorney General and State Bar Association President:
Consider Volunteering Pro Bono at Your Local Legal Aid Society

Dear Ohio Lawyer,

It is not every day that the state’s Chief Justice, Attorney General and State Bar Association President come together for a single cause, but we are doing just that in this e-mail to you because there is a great unmet need in Ohio today, and we believe you can help.

Some have named this difficult economic time the “Great Recession.” By any name, there are real people suffering, and many could be helped if they had better access to legal services.

From foreclosures to bankruptcies to workers compensation and other actions, many lower income Ohioans are faced with difficult situations and need the help of an attorney to navigate the choppy waters ahead.

The American Bar Association declared the last week of October 2009 as National Pro Bono Week to highlight the need for more attorney volunteers to meet the need for pro bono legal services.

This is a time for those of us in the legal profession to renew our commitment to fulfilling our professional responsibility to provide services for the greater public good.

We are writing to ask that if you have not already done so you consider volunteering pro bono at your local legal aid society.

In Ohio, we know that there are hundreds of attorneys donating thousands of hours of pro bono service. Are you one of them?

Explore pro bono opportunities.


Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer
Attorney General Richard Cordray
Ohio State Bar Association President Barbara Howard