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Jan. 12, 2009
Supreme Court Adopts Protection Order Forms

The Supreme Court of Ohio on Dec. 15 adopted one new judicial firearms notification form for those who’ve been charged with domestic violence and revised the two warning pages.

State law requires judges to provide oral or written notice about possible firearm disqualification for misdemeanor domestic violence offenders and for those who are subject to a protection order. Consistent with the Supreme Court’s role of providing standardized domestic violence forms, language has been adopted to support judges’ mandate to provide due notice to domestic violence offenders.

Revisions to forms 10.01-G and 10.03-H cover notice requirements for temporary protection orders and civil protection orders. New form 10.04-A and Rule 10.04 that authorizes the new form concern the notice to be given before a conviction to defendants charged with a misdemeanor offense of violence against a family or household member. The effective date for these forms is Feb. 1.

The final recommendations from the Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence reduced the number of forms from the original four proposed that were confusing for civil and criminal proceedings. The forms include new language that clarifies federal law and recommends offenders contact an attorney to determine if they are weapons disqualified. Printing costs for most local courts will be reduced by including this language within the existing warning pages, forms 10.01-G and 10.03-H, instead of requiring it in a separate document.

To access the complete language of the new rule, new form and two revised warning pages, visit: http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/JCS/domesticViolence/default.asp.

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