On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, the Supreme Court of Ohio launched an expanded news program – Court News Ohio – that features stories about the Ohio judicial system. This archived page on the Supreme Court’s website only displays news stories that occurred before that date. News stories that occurred on July 17 and thereafter can be found at www.courtnewsohio.gov.

Jan. 4, 2010
New System Allows Supreme Court Followers to Choose News They Want

The Supreme Court of Ohio launched a new, comprehensive news delivery system today that expands access to information about the Supreme Court and the Ohio Judicial System. With the launch timed to coincide with the New Year, the Supreme Court becomes the first state court in the nation to offer this customized news service.

The new free service allows users to have the news they want delivered straight to their email inbox or wireless device by text message.

Users create a profile and subscribe to specific categories of news. When the Supreme Court releases information related to their specific topic(s) of interest, they receive an alert. The service will also deliver the Court’s daily news clippings from media outlets statewide.

Steven C. Hollon, administrative director of the Supreme Court, said the migration to the new system at the start of the New Year places the Supreme Court at the forefront of delivering news about the Ohio judicial system.

“Delivering the latest news instantly, the way users want, and on the device of their choosing enhances our role as the information resource for the Ohio judicial system,” he said.

Users will notice a few subtle changes in the format of the news they receive. Instead of the entire text of the news story appearing in an email, users will receive the headline, first paragraph and a link to click to read the full story.

In the transition from the existing email system, the Court has transferred email distribution lists over to this new system to ensure users will still receive notices on their particular news interest. While there will be opportunities to limit or increase the number of news topics users follow, existing users will continue to receive daily case announcement notices, news releases, news clips, oral argument previews and decision summaries as in the past.

While the Supreme Court of Ohio is the first court in the United States to launch this service, the system is one that is used by numerous federal agencies including the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Defense. In addition, the service has been utilized successfully by governments in Oregon, Minnesota, Indiana and the United Kingdom.

To sign up for the new service, users should click the “Get News Updates” icon on the front page of the Court’s Web site.

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