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Dec. 21, 2011
Law Library Activates iPhone App

The Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library online catalog is now accessible via iPhone and iPad.With just the push of a button, anyone with an iPhone can now receive information from the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Law Library.

The Law Library on Dec. 6 activated an iPhone and iPad app of the law library catalog, which the public can download for free. Now those needing to place a book on hold, check their account, or renew items can do so with their iPhones.

Ken Kozlowski, the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Law Library director, said the law library’s catalog vendor made the free downloadable app, called BookMyne, applicable for the Supreme Court.

“It’s just another tool out there that provides easy and convenient access to the law library,” said Kozlowski.  “Now anyone with an iPhone can access our library without physically coming to the Ohio Judicial Center. It will expedite how people get the information they need.”

Right now the app only works on iPhones and iPads, but Kozlowski said it would be available for the Android in 2012.