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Oct. 5, 2011
Supreme Court Adjusts Campaign Rule Based on Timing of 2012 Primary

Judicial candidates running in 2012 can begin campaign fundraising activities on Nov. 7, following a rule change adopted Tuesday by the Supreme Court of Ohio. The change takes effect today.

In August, the Supreme Court had removed a reference in Rule 4.4 of the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct to the March primary election in presidential years when it appeared the General Assembly would move the primary to May. Now that the General Assembly enacted legislation setting a March 6, 2012, primary, the Court reinserted language setting the date when 2012 judicial candidate campaign committees can begin soliciting and receiving campaign funds.

Judicial candidates also can deposit personal funds in their campaign accounts immediately, because today’s date is within the usual 210-day window before the primary where this activity can occur.

The Court also adopted a temporary provision to extend the time to Feb. 29, 2012, for candidates to comply with the judicial campaign course requirement after their filing deadline.

Read the text of the amendments and temporary provision.

Read a statement issued by the Court about the changes.

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