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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
06/24/2019 Case Announcements  Motion and procedural rulings—Miscellaneous dismissals.   6/24/2019 6/24/2019 2019-Ohio-2478
In re Application of 6011 Greenwich Windpark, L.L.C. (Slip Opinion) 2017-1375Power Siting Board—Application to modify previously issued siting certificate for wind-powered electric-generation facility to add new turbine models—Power Siting Board’s approval of new wind-turbine models was not an “amendment” of the certificate for purposes of applying the current turbine-setback requirements stated in R.C. 4906.20 and 4906.201—Power Siting Board reasonably interpreted R.C. 4906.20(B)(2)(c)’s wind-turbine-setback-waiver provision—R.C. 4906.07(B) gives Power Siting Board discretion in certain situations to determine whether to hold a hearing on an application to amend a siting certificate—Orders affirmed.O'Connor, C.J.Slip Opinion No. 2019-Ohio-2406 6/20/2019 6/20/2019 2019-Ohio-2406
State ex rel. Evans v. Tieman (Slip Opinion) 2019-0145Mandamus—R.C. 2969.25 does not apply to original actions filed in the Supreme Court of Ohio—Motions to dismiss denied—Complaint dismissed for failure to state a claim.Per CuriamSlip Opinion No. 2019-Ohio-2411 6/20/2019 6/20/2019 2019-Ohio-2411
06/20/2019 Case Announcements  Merit decisions with opinions—Motion and procedural rulings.   6/20/2019 6/20/2019 2019-Ohio-2426
In re Application of Ohio Edison Co. (Slip Opinion) 2017-1444 and 2017-1664Public utilities—Electric-security plan—R.C. 4928.143—Commission’s determination that distribution modernization rider constituted an incentive under R.C. 4928.(B)(2)(h) was unlawful and unreasonable—Order affirmed in part and reversed in part and cause remanded.Donnelly, J.Slip Opinion No. 2019-Ohio-2401 6/19/2019 6/19/2019 2019-Ohio-2401
06/19/2019 Case Announcements  Merit decisions with opinions.   6/19/2019 6/19/2019 2019-Ohio-2412
06/19/2019 Administrative Actions  Administrative actions.   6/19/2019 6/19/2019 2019-Ohio-2421
In re Resignation of Packard 2019-0660Attorneys at law—Resignation with disciplinary action pending—Gov.Bar R. VI(11)(C).   6/18/2019 6/18/2019 2019-Ohio-2400
06/18/2019 Case Announcements  Disciplinary cases—Miscellaneous dismissals.   6/18/2019 6/18/2019 2019-Ohio-2402
06/18/2019 Case Announcements #2  Motion and procedural rulings.   6/18/2019 6/18/2019 2019-Ohio-2413