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State ex rel. Smith v. Ohio Pub. Emps. Retirement Sys. 14AP-1060Mandamus action for disability benefit. Claimant was a licensed practical nurse who was attacked by a client at a development center. Writ denied when there was a lack of neck and back pain and conflicting evidence of psychological disability.TyackFranklin 4/28/2016 4/28/2016 2016-Ohio-2731
State ex rel. Landers v. Indus. Comm. 15AP-58Mandamus action for violation of a specific safety requirement (VSSR) when a 25 ton overhead crane moved and knocked the decedent off a scissor lift causing his death. A number of factors contributed to the accident, but the estate failed to include Ohio Adm.Code 4123:1-5-14(G) in her application. Writ denied as relator was unable to meet high burden of proving a VSSR.TyackFranklin 4/28/2016 4/28/2016 2016-Ohio-2732
Hadden Co., L.P.A. v. Zweier 15AP-210Trial court did not abuse its discretion in awarding $49,000 in attorney fees as damages to appellee. Appellee presented evidence supporting the reasonableness of the attorney fees appellee charged. Judgment affirmed.Luper SchusterFranklin 4/28/2016 4/28/2016 2016-Ohio-2733
State v. Buell 15AP-789Appeal from denial of a motion to withdraw a guilty plea to one charge of endangering children. Trial court abused its discretion in refusing to allow defendant to withdraw his plea when joint recommendation of community control was rejected and defendant argued he was not guilty of the charge but only pled guilty to avoid prison time.TyackFranklin 4/28/2016 4/28/2016 2016-Ohio-2734
Youngstown State Univ. v. State Emp. Relations Bd. 15AP-755 & 15AP-756Trial court affirmed two adjudication orders of the State Employment Relations Board as the positions being removed from the collective bargaining unit were all peroperly classified as "supervisors" under R.C. 4117.01(F). We find that SERB properly interpreted and applied both R.C. 4117.01(F) and 4117.01(L).TyackFranklin 4/21/2016 4/21/2016 2016-Ohio-2649
Horne v. Horne 15AP-819Given the large sum of money owed by ex-husband and his lack of effort to gain significant employment, the trial court's attempts to enforce its earlier judgments were reasonable.TyackFranklin 4/21/2016 4/21/2016 2016-Ohio-2650
Rithy Properties, Inc. v. Cheeseman 15AP-641The appeal is moot because the plaintiff failed to submit the security necessary to stay the execution of the writ of restitution granted in a forcible entry and detainer action.KlattFranklin 4/19/2016 4/19/2016 2016-Ohio-1602
State v. Lytle 15AP-556Appellant's conviction for conspiracy to commit kidnapping was not supported by sufficient evidence because the state failed to establish an essential element of the charged offense.DorrianFranklin 4/14/2016 4/14/2016 2016-Ohio-1552
State v. Almedom 15AP-852Defense counsel's failure to object to repeated references to two witnesses as "victims" constituted ineffective assistance of counsel where the whole issue was whether the witnesses were victims. References were both by the trial court judge and by the prosecution.TyackFranklin 4/14/2016 4/14/2016 2016-Ohio-1553
State ex rel. Wolfe v. Ohio Adult Parole Auth. 15AP-1118Inmate was not entitled to a writ to compel the Ohio Adult Parole Authority to grant him another hearing.TyackFranklin 4/14/2016 4/14/2016 2016-Ohio-1554