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NexGen Energy Partners, L.L.C. v. Reflecting Blue Technologies, Inc. 2016-A-0050CIVIL - motion to disqualify counsel; abuse of discretion standard of review; Prof.Cond.R. 1.9 and 1.10; law firm; conflict of interest; screening practices; attorney "switched sides."O'TooleAshtabula 7/17/2017 7/17/2017 2017-Ohio-5855
State v. McElroy 2016-L-119, 2016-L-120, 2016-L-121CRIMINAL LAW - pro se motions to receive concurrent sentences; sentence modification; no allegation that sentences had to be modified to correct a void sentencing order or a clerical mistake; trial court lacked jurisdiction to entertain appellant's pro se motions for sentence modification.O'TooleLake 7/17/2017 7/17/2017 2017-Ohio-5856
State v. Sands 2016-L-124CRIMINAL PROCEDURE - pursuant to R.C. 2929.191 a trial court can correct post release control by way of a nunc pro tunc judgment entry; engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and conspiracy are separate crimes and a defendant can be convicted and sentenced for each.O'TooleLake 7/17/2017 7/17/2017 2017-Ohio-5857
State v. Boyer 2016-P-0061CRIMINAL - judicial release; prosecutor's right to appeal; R.C. 2945.67; sentence contrary to law; R.C. 2953.08(B); jurisdiction to hear appealGrendellPortage 7/17/2017 7/17/2017 2017-Ohio-5858
Gaydosh v. Trumbull Cty. 2016-T-0109LABOR UNIONS - R.C. 4117.03(A)(5); App.R. 4(B)(5); pursuant to 11th Dist. Loc.R. 3(D)(2) an appellant must attach a copy of the judgment entry appealed to the notice of appeal; once an employee subject to a collective bargaining agreement authorizes his or her union to pursue a grievance, the cause of action belongs to the union and the employee lacks standing to prosecute the case; R.C. 4117.10(A).O'TooleTrumbull 7/17/2017 7/17/2017 2017-Ohio-5859
State v. Sands 2017-L-009CRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Crim.R. 34; motion for arrest of judgment; res judicata; an indictment for engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity or conspiracy must identify the predicate offenses.O'TooleLake 7/17/2017 7/17/2017 2017-Ohio-5860
State v. McGhee 2014-T-0106CRIMINAL LAW - EVIDENCE - gross sexual imposition; rape; a trial court's evidentiary rulings are reviewed for abuse of discretion; Crim.R. 16(K) requires that a report of an expert's testimony be disclosed 21 days prior to trial absent good cause shown; the purpose of Crim.R. 16(K) is to prevent trial by ambush.O'TooleTrumbull 7/10/2017 7/10/2017 2017-Ohio-5773
Portage Community Bank v. Fazio 2016-P-0056CIVIL - foreclosure; failure to assert affirmative defense; a party seeking to assert an affirmative defense under a contract must either be a party to the contract or an intended third-party beneficiary of a contract; denial of Civ.R. 60(B) motion is a final, appealable order; failure to timely appeal the denial of a Civ.R. 60(B) motion.CannonPortage 7/10/2017 7/10/2017 2017-Ohio-5774
State v. Haendel 2017-T-0006CRIMINAL LAW - aggravated arson; burglary; a trial court's calculation of jail time credit may only be reversed for plain error; R.C. 2967.191; Ohio Adm. Code 5120-2-04; when concurrent prison terms are imposed jail time credit applies to each prison term.O'TooleTrumbull 7/10/2017 7/10/2017 2017-Ohio-5775
State v. Lintz 2015-L-089CRIMINAL LAW - post-release control; motion to vacate; void; voidable; consequences of violating; statutorily compliant notification; R.C. 2929.191; prior to release from prison; sentencing entry; sentencing hearing; mandatory language; nunc pro tunc.CannonLake 6/30/2017 6/30/2017 2017-Ohio-5631