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In re E.T.H. CA2018-04-064Juvenile's delinquency adjudication for abduction was supported by sufficient evidence and was not against the manifest weight of the evidence. Juvenile court did not abuse its discretion in ordering juvenile delinquent to complete a sex offender treatment program.M. PowellButler 1/14/2019 1/14/2019 2019-Ohio-79
State v. Payne CA2018-04-081, CA2018-04-082The court lacks jurisdiction to address appellant’s appeal where the trial court disposed of only one of the multiple violations of community control alleged against appellant.PiperButler 1/14/2019 1/14/2019 2019-Ohio-80
Hall v. Hall CA2018-05-091The trial court did not abuse its discretion in modifying the parties' shared parenting plan to require adult supervision of the parties' children after school. The court considered the best interest factors set forth in R.C. 3109.04(F)(1), including testimony about the wishes of the parents and children, the children's adjustment to the Boys & Girls Club, and the children's level of maturity, before finding it was in the children's best interest to have adult supervision after school until their father returned home from work. HendricksonButler 1/14/2019 1/14/2019 2019-Ohio-81
State v. Liming CA2018-05-028; CA2018-05-029The trial court did not err by sentencing appellant to serve an aggregate 14-year prison sentence nor did the trial court err by ordering appellant to pay restitution where the trial court met all its statutory obligations prior to imposing consecutive sentences and ordering appellant to pay the amount of restitution requested to cover the victim's funeral expenses.S. PowellClermont 1/14/2019 1/14/2019 2019-Ohio-82
Holloway v. Moritz CA2018-04-005The trial court's decision to grant appellee a monetary judgment upon finding appellant breached a contract requiring him to reimburse appellee for tickets and hotel room to a country music festival in exchange for a ticket to a different country music concert was not against the manifest weight of the evidence where there was competent, credible evidence to support the trial court's decision that appellant breached a binding and enforceable contract.S. PowellFayette 1/14/2019 1/14/2019 2019-Ohio-83
MB Fin. Bank, N.A. v. Mitchell CA2018-04-041Defendant property owner appeals a decision granting summary judgment to a bank in a foreclosure action. The court properly granted the bank summary judgment where the bank supported its motion with an affidavit establishing all requirements to obtain foreclosure. The defendant moved to strike the affidavit on various grounds but then failed to reassert those arguments on appeal, resulting in waiver.HendricksonWarren 1/14/2019 1/14/2019 2019-Ohio-84
State v. Wright CA2018-04-046Anders no error.Per CuriamWarren 1/14/2019 1/14/2019 2019-Ohio-85
State v. Hursong CA2018-05-053Anders no error.Per CuriamWarren 1/14/2019 1/14/2019 2019-Ohio-86
Binks v. Binks CA2018-02-023The trial court erred in valuing a boat at its new price when the boat was used, and also erred in assigning the value of a boat twice to appellant in its property distribution. However, the trial court did not err in valuing and dividing other marital property where the evidence supported the trial court's decision. The trial court properly ordered spousal support after considering all pertinent factors, including appellee's earning ability, whether appellee cohabitated with another during the divorce proceedings, and whether appellant's health was too poor to pay spousal support.PiperButler 1/7/2019 1/7/2019 2019-Ohio-17
State v. Whited CA2018-04-079The trial court erred in sentencing appellant after revoking his community control, as the court failed to award appellant jail-time credit for all the time he was confined as required by R.C. 2967.191. As it was unclear from the record the extent to which appellant's liberties, freedom of choices, and movement were restrained while he was at the Community Correctional Center, the matter was remanded for the trial court to determine whether appellant's participation at the Center constituted "confinement" entitling him to jail-time credit.HendricksonButler 1/7/2019 1/7/2019 2019-Ohio-18