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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Mack 17CA34 & 17CA35manifest weight of the evidence; merger; allied offenses of similar import; ineffective assistance of counsel; waiver of court costs; R.C. 2947.23(C)HarshaWashington 12/14/2018 12/14/2018 2018-Ohio-5021
State v. Young 17CA11Trial court did not plainly err by accepting appellant’s guilty plea to failure-to-notify under R.C. 2950.05(F)(1); using prior juvenile adjudication as basis for duty to notify did not obviously violate due process.AbeleLawrence 12/6/2018 12/13/2018 2018-Ohio-4990
State v. Holland 17CA8CRIMINAL - The imposition of a mandatory fine by the trial court for Appellant's conviction for trafficking in cocaine and heroin was not in error.McFarlandJackson 12/6/2018 12/12/2018 2018-Ohio-4975
State v. Shaffer 18CA5CRIMINAL - Trial court did not err in convicting Appellant of one count of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor as no error occurred as to jury verdicts and record supports the same.McFarlandHocking 12/4/2018 12/12/2018 2018-Ohio-4976
In re V.M. 18CA15JUVENILE - Trial court's grant of permanent custody of children to Children Services Board is supported by the record and no plain error occurred in the case.McFarlandAthens 12/4/2018 12/12/2018 2018-Ohio-4974
State v. McCluskey 17CA3604CRIMINAL - Trial court did not err in admitting statements made to medical professionals by child as Appellant failed to preserve issue for appeal and no plain error occurred.McFarlandRoss 12/4/2018 12/6/2018 2018-Ohio-4859
State v. Teets 17CA21Judgment affirmed. Trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying appellant's petition for post-conviction relief. Appellant's brother's affidavit lacked credibility and was not based on personal knowledge. Appellant failed to demonstrate ineffective assistance of counsel based on his trial counsel's decision not to call a firearm expert to testify.BrownPickaway 12/4/2018 12/14/2018 2018-Ohio-5019
State v. Brown 18CA3829Trial court’s denial of appellant’s postconviction petition was not an abuse of discretion.AbeleScioto 12/3/2018 12/13/2018 2018-Ohio-4991
State v. Gillian 16CA11Criminal: OVI; manifest weight of the evidence; ineffective assistance of counsel; separation of witnesses; Evid.R. 615.HooverGallia 12/3/2018 12/13/2018 2018-Ohio-4983
State v. Hedges 18CA7Crim.R. 33(A)(6)–trial court did not abuse its discretion by overruling new trial motion on basis of newly discovered evidence when new evidence served only to impeach or contradict testimony and did not disclose a strong probability that it would change the result if a new trial were granted.AbeleHocking 12/3/2018 12/10/2018 2018-Ohio-4956