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State v. Ortello 14 MA 69Plea agreement; Crim.R. 11; court made commitment at change of plea hearing to impose an eight-to-ten-year prison term; at sentencing, court imposed fourteen-year sentence; defendant's acceptance of the plea was contingent on the sentence described at the sentencing hearing; plea was not knowingly and voluntarily made and is withdrawn.WaiteMahoning 8/21/2015 8/28/2015 2015-Ohio-3503
State v. Howell 14 BE 30Felony sentencing; The sentencing court considered the relevant statutes; The sentence is supported by the record.RobbBelmont 8/20/2015 8/25/2015 2015-Ohio-3428
State v. McGowan 14 JE 37Conviction for possession of drugs was not against the manifest weight of the evidence; Sentencing court did not err in imposing sentence.RobbJefferson 8/20/2015 8/25/2015 2015-Ohio-3429
State v. Lyons 14 BE 28OVI license suspension; limited driving privileges; R.C. 4510.14; sufficiency of the evidence; defendant could not prove ineffective assistance by referencing speculative evidence that was outside the record; affirmed.WaiteBelmont 8/17/2015 8/19/2015 2015-Ohio-3325
Akers v. Akers 14 NO 419Division of marital property; R.C. 3105.171(A)(6)(b); separate property can retain its status if it is traceable; wife purchased 150-acre property with her own funds from a personal injury settlement, and trial court properly designated it as separate property in the divorce.WaiteNoble 8/17/2015 8/19/2015 2015-Ohio-3326
Peters v. Tipton 13 HA 10App.R. 26(A)(1)(a); App.R. 25(C); timeliness of motions to certify a conflict and applications for reconsideration; inapplicability of App.R. 14(C); State v. Weaver, 7th Dist. No. 12BE21, 2013-Ohio-898, overruled; dictaPer CuriamHarrison 8/11/2015 8/18/2015 2015-Ohio-3307
State v. Shinn 14 MA 110Anders/Toney brief; An independent review reveals that there are no appealable issues regarding plea or sentencing; Counsel's Motion to Withdraw granted; Conviction and sentence affirmed.RobbMahoning 7/28/2015 7/28/2015 2015-Ohio-2994
Jury v. Miller 15 BE 33Habeas Corpus; R.C. 2725.01; indictment; direct appeal.Per CuriamBelmont 7/22/2015 7/28/2015 2015-Ohio-2998
State ex rel. Smith v. Miller 15-BE-26Writ of Habeas Corpus; Jurisdiction; Direct Appeal; R.C. 2969.25Per CuriamBelmont 7/2/2015 7/6/2015 2015-Ohio-2746
Washington v. Covelli 13-MA-83Pirating of employees; contracts; damages; franchise buy-outsFarmerMahoning 6/30/2015 7/21/2015 2015-Ohio-2928