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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openAlsup v. Univ. of Cincinnati 2010-04602 6/3/2013 11/4/2013 2013-Ohio-4850
Click here to openAustin v. Miami Univ. 2013-00078-AD 8/13/2013 1/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5925
Click here to openCasteel v. Univ. of Akron 2011-12188 7/25/2013 4/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5934
Click here to openConner v. Wright State Univ. 2012-02887 1/8/2013 4/16/2013 2013-Ohio-1511
Click here to openCristino v. Ohio Bur. of Workers' Comp. 2008-10773 8/2/2013 4/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5936
Click here to openDalton v. Ohio Dept. of Rehab. & Corr. 2012-01457 8/26/2013 4/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5941
Click here to openDaugherty v. Ohio Dept. of Transp. 2012-04031-AD 1/30/2013 1/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5918
Click here to openEvert v. Ohio State Univ. 2012-03719 8/30/2013 4/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5942
Click here to openFlores v. Bowling Green State Univ. 2012-07153 5/28/2013 11/4/2013 2013-Ohio-4864
Click here to openGilmore v. Ohio Dept. of Transp. 2012-002569 8/26/2013 4/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5940
Click here to openHaas v. Univ. of Toledo Med. Ctr. 2010-11005 4/12/2013 8/22/2013 2013-Ohio-3636
Click here to openHale v. Ohio Dept. of Adm. Servs. 2012-03484 6/19/2013 11/4/2013 2013-Ohio-4854
Click here to openHines v. Univ. of Akron 2011-11009 6/7/2013 11/4/2013 2013-Ohio-4853
Click here to openJess Howard Electric Co. v. Ohio School Facilities Comm. 2010-12737 4/26/2013 8/22/2013 2013-Ohio-3642
Click here to openKara v. Ohio Dept. of Taxation 2012-03794 8/26/2013 4/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5944
Click here to openKasotis v. Ohio Dept. of Transp. 2009-03045 4/1/2013 8/22/2013 2013-Ohio-3632
Click here to openKeegan v. Univ. of Toledo College of Medicine 2012-04413 4/24/2013 8/22/2013 2013-Ohio-3641
Click here to openKelm v. Ohio Dept. of Transp. 2011-09411 7/19/2013 4/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5933
Click here to openKinnison v. Ohio State Univ. 2011-08644 5/24/2013 11/4/2013 2013-Ohio-4862
Click here to openKuhbanani v. Ohio State Univ. Med. Ctr. 2011-08547 6/21/2013 11/4/2013 2013-Ohio-4855
Click here to openLee v. Ohio Dept. of Transp. 2012-08338-AD 4/29/2013 1/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5921
Click here to openLeone v. Ohio Lottery Comm. 2010-12338 3/7/2013 8/22/2013 2013-Ohio-3628
Click here to openMason v. Ohio Dept. of Rehab. & Corr. 2012-08753-AD 10/30/2013 1/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5923
Click here to openMcClair v. Univ. of Toledo 2012-04961 8/7/2013 4/30/2014 2013-Ohio-5938
Click here to openMiller v. Ohio Dept. of Rehab. & Corr. 2011-13141 3/8/2013 8/22/2013 2013-Ohio-3629

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