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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openPoly-Pro Solutions, Inc. v. Dipaolo Indus. Dev., L.L.C. 2013CA00153 5/12/2014 5/13/2014 2014-Ohio-2033
Click here to openPettit v. Glenmoor Country Club, Inc. 2013CA00108 3/10/2014 3/11/2014 2014-Ohio-902
Click here to openParrott v. Jones 13-CA-110 7/18/2014 7/23/2014 2014-Ohio-3220
Click here to openOsborne v. N. Canton 2013 CA 00246 7/21/2014 7/22/2014 2014-Ohio-3199
Click here to openOntario v. Eichar 13CA92 6/16/2014 6/17/2014 2014-Ohio-2607
Click here to openOneWest Bank, FSB v. Albert 2013CA00180 5/12/2014 5/20/2014 2014-Ohio-2158
Click here to openOgline v. Sam's Drug Mart, L.L.C. 2013 CA 00154 6/2/2014 6/3/2014 2014-Ohio-2355
Click here to openNichols v. Nichols 13-COA-040 3/25/2014 3/26/2014 2014-Ohio-1213
Click here to openNester v. Nester 13 CA 56 4/24/2014 4/25/2014 2014-Ohio-1759
Click here to openNationStar Mtge., L.L.C. v. Purnell 13-CA-74 6/25/2014 6/27/2014 2014-Ohio-2824
Click here to openMulcahy v. Best Buy Stores, LP 13CAE060051 3/3/2014 3/24/2014 2014-Ohio-1163
Click here to openMotorists Mut. Ins. Co. v. King 2013CA00231 6/9/2014 6/11/2014 2014-Ohio-2519
Click here to openMorgan Woods Homeowners' Assn. v. Wills 13-CA-62 4/10/2014 4/14/2014 2014-Ohio-1578
Click here to openMonk v. Marcelain 13-cA-116 5/12/2014 5/19/2014 2014-Ohio-2131
Click here to openMinor v. Eldridge 13-CA-00010 7/14/2014 7/16/2014 2014-Ohio-3120
Click here to openMills v. Sonoco Phoenix 2013 CA 00067 2/3/2014 2/4/2014 2014-Ohio-366
Click here to openMidland Funding, L.L.C. v. Snedeker 13-CA-56 2/25/2014 3/10/2014 2014-Ohio-887
Click here to openMerkle v. Merkle 13-CA-31 1/9/2014 1/13/2014 2014-Ohio-81
Click here to openMcKinney v. Tibbals 13 CA 65 2/13/2014 2/19/2014 2014-Ohio-592
Click here to openMcKinney v. Brunney 13-CA-41 1/2/2014 1/9/2014 2014-Ohio-39
Click here to openMcDonald v. Corning 13-CA-00011 4/15/2014 4/16/2014 2014-Ohio-1614
Click here to openMcCracken v. McCracken 2013CA00223 3/31/2014 4/2/2014 2014-Ohio-1411
Click here to openMcCollum v. Bolgrin 2013 CA 00136 3/3/2014 3/24/2014 2014-Ohio-1167
Click here to openMayer v. Scyphers 13CA0009 5/19/2014 5/22/2014 2014-Ohio-2200
Click here to openMathias v. Pleasant Twp. Bd. of Trustees 14-CA-6 7/3/2014 7/8/2014 2014-Ohio-3019

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