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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openIn re S.R. 27209 6/25/2014 6/25/2014 2014-Ohio-2749
Click here to openIn re T.K. 26916 2/19/2014 2/19/2014 2014-Ohio-576
Click here to openIn re T.M. 13CA0043 3/24/2014 3/24/2014 2014-Ohio-1131
Click here to openIn re Z.R. 26860 1/22/2014 1/22/2014 2014-Ohio-182
Click here to openJPMorgan Chase Bank, Natl. Assn. v. Burden 27104 6/25/2014 6/25/2014 2014-Ohio-2746
Click here to openKane v. Kane 26781 5/14/2014 5/14/2014 2014-Ohio-2037
Click here to openKelly v. Dept. of Jobs & Family Servs. 27208 7/30/2014 7/30/2014 2014-Ohio-3312
Click here to openKent v. Kent 27071 4/9/2014 4/9/2014 2014-Ohio-1502
Click here to openKessel v. Glenmark Generics, Inc., USA 26833 6/4/2014 6/4/2014 2014-Ohio-2371
Click here to openKoprivec v. Railes-to-Trails of Wayne Cty. 13CA0004 5/27/2014 5/27/2014 2014-Ohio-2230
Click here to openLiberty Savs. Bank, F.S.B. v. Bowie 27126 3/26/2014 3/26/2014 2014-Ohio-1208
Click here to openLopez v. Thomas 27115 6/11/2014 6/11/2014 2014-Ohio-2513
Click here to openLubanovich v. McGlocklin 12CA0090-M 6/9/2014 6/9/2014 2014-Ohio-2459
Click here to openLundin v. Niepsuj 26015 3/26/2014 3/26/2014 2014-Ohio-1212
Click here to openLykes v. Akron Dept. of Public Serv. 26570 2/19/2014 2/19/2014 2014-Ohio-578
Click here to openLytle v. Mathew 26932 4/16/2014 4/16/2014 2014-Ohio-1606
Click here to openMalmon-Berg v. Malmon-Berg 13CA0005 4/28/2014 4/28/2014 2014-Ohio-1784
Click here to openMatrix Acquisitions, L.L.C. v. Manley 27191 6/30/2014 6/30/2014 2014-Ohio-2860
Click here to openMatus v. Merrill 13CA010468 7/21/2014 7/21/2014 2014-Ohio-3181
Click here to openMcDonald v. McDonald 13CA010341 6/30/2014 6/30/2014 2014-Ohio-2861
Click here to openMidwest Tel., Inc. v. Speelman Elec., Inc. 26881 3/19/2014 3/19/2014 2014-Ohio-1034
Click here to openMiller v. Bennett 13CA010336 6/9/2014 6/9/2014 2014-Ohio-2460
Click here to openMorrison v. Morrison 27150 5/28/2014 5/28/2014 2014-Ohio-2254
Click here to openMoss v. Lorain Cty. Bd. of Mental Retardation 13CA010335 3/17/2014 3/17/2014 2014-Ohio-969
Click here to openMurphy-Kesling v. Kesling 26957, 26962 4/30/2014 4/30/2014 2014-Ohio-1816

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