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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openLamancusa v. Jamison 2014-T-0026 8/18/2014 8/18/2014 2014-Ohio-3527
Click here to openLatina v. Ciora 2013-L-112 6/30/2014 6/30/2014 2014-Ohio-2887
Click here to openLinville v. Kratochvill 2013-G-3161 3/24/2014 3/24/2014 2014-Ohio-1153
Click here to openMadison Route 20, L.L.C. v. Lake Cty. Bd. of Revision 2013-L-019 7/21/2014 7/21/2014 2014-Ohio-3183
Click here to openMalin v. Studer 2013-G-3150 8/4/2014 8/4/2014 2014-Ohio-3366
Click here to openMartin v. Martin 2013-T-0074, 2013-T-0075 1/13/2014 1/13/2014 2014-Ohio-70
Click here to openMeadows v. Trumbull Cty. Health Dept. 2013-T-0105 4/28/2014 4/28/2014 2014-Ohio-1779
Click here to openMentor v. Meyers 2012-L-141 5/12/2014 5/12/2014 2014-Ohio-2011
Click here to openMHN SUB I, L.L.C. v. Donnelly 2014-L-031 9/22/2014 9/22/2014 2014-Ohio-4128
Click here to openMonroe v. Forum Health 2014-T-0015 9/15/2014 9/15/2014 2014-Ohio-3974
Click here to openMotorists Mut. Ins. Co. v. Cianfaglione 2013-L-078; 2013-L-079 6/30/2014 6/30/2014 2014-Ohio-2885
Click here to openMundy v. Mundy 2013-P-0102 4/21/2014 4/21/2014 2014-Ohio-1678
Click here to openNappi v. Nappi 2013-A-0041 6/23/2014 6/23/2014 2014-Ohio-2696
Click here to openNaylor Family Partnership v. Home S. & L. Co. of Youngstown 2013-L-096 6/23/2014 6/23/2014 2014-Ohio-2704
Click here to openNickles v. Spisak 2013-P-0094 6/23/2014 6/23/2014 2014-Ohio-2709
Click here to openNovak v. Novak 2013-L-047, 2013-L-063 1/6/2014 1/6/2014 2014-Ohio-10
Click here to openNovy v. Ferrera 2013-P-0063 4/28/2014 4/28/2014 2014-Ohio-1776
Click here to openOsborne v. Malkamaki 2012-L-134 6/30/2014 6/30/2014 2014-Ohio-2874
Click here to openParis Twp. Bd. of Trustees v. Battles 2013-P-0079 9/22/2014 9/22/2014 2014-Ohio-4132
Click here to openPatti v. Patti 2013-P-0048 3/24/2014 3/24/2014 2014-Ohio-1156
Click here to openPhinizee v. Phinizee 2013-L-081 3/31/2014 3/31/2014 2014-Ohio-1360
Click here to openPNC Bank, Natl. Assn. v. On the Greens Property Co. 2014-L-007 8/11/2014 8/11/2014 2014-Ohio-3446
Click here to openReggie Constr. v. Westfield Ins. Co. 2013-L-095 9/2/2014 9/2/2014 2014-Ohio-3769
Click here to openRhoades v. Rhoades 2013-A-0051 5/5/2014 5/5/2014 2014-Ohio-1869
Click here to openRossi v. Rossi 2013-T-0058 3/31/2014 3/31/2014 2014-Ohio-1370

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