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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openKime Design, L.L.C. v. Aouthmany L-11-1162 7/13/2012 7/13/2012 2012-Ohio-3183
Click here to openKirshner v. Fannie Mae L-11-1027 1/27/2012 1/27/2012 2012-Ohio-286
Click here to openKosier v. Lucas L-12-1019 12/31/2012 12/31/2012 2012-Ohio-6243
Click here to openKott v. Gleneagles Professional Builders & Remodelers, Inc. L-11-1078 1/27/2012 1/27/2012 2012-Ohio-287
Click here to openLaborers' Internatl. Union of N. Am., Local Union No. 500 v. Ecological Servs., Inc. L-11-1012 7/6/2012 7/6/2012 2012-Ohio-3110
Click here to openLong v. Long L-11-1107 8/10/2012 8/10/2012 2012-Ohio-3611
Click here to openMasters v. Kraft Foods Global, Inc. L-11-1273 11/16/2012 11/16/2012 2012-Ohio-5325
Click here to openMathews v. Zaciek L-11-1146 6/22/2012 6/22/2012 2012-Ohio-2809
Click here to openMatthews v. Exigence of Fremont, L.L.C. S-11-035 9/28/2012 9/28/2012 2012-Ohio-4490
Click here to openMatthews v. Zaciek L-11-1239 6/22/2012 6/22/2012 2012-Ohio-2810
Click here to openMays v. Carl L. Mays Trust H-11-004 2/17/2012 2/17/2012 2012-Ohio-618
Click here to openMcClure v. Northwest Ohio Cardiology Consultants, Inc. L-11-1074 3/16/2012 3/16/2012 2012-Ohio-1106
Click here to openMetlife Home Loans v. Louy F-11-019 12/21/2012 12/21/2012 2012-Ohio-6061
Click here to openMigliori v. Merritt L-11-1136 8/10/2012 8/10/2012 2012-Ohio-3614
Click here to openMotorists Mut. Ins. Co. v. Gene Patton, Inc. L-11-1180 7/6/2012 7/6/2012 2012-Ohio-3112
Click here to openMRC Receivables Corp. v. Bissell H-12-004 11/2/2012 11/2/2012 2012-Ohio-5110
Click here to openNationstar Mtge., L.L.C. v. Fisher E-11-024 4/27/2012 4/27/2012 2012-Ohio-1872
Click here to openNationstar Mtge., L.L.C. v. Van Cott L-12-1002 12/7/2012 12/7/2012 2012-Ohio-5807
Click here to openNatl. City Bank v. TAB Holdings, Ltd. E-11-009 5/25/2012 5/25/2012 2012-Ohio-2346
Click here to openOhio State Dental Bd. v. Becker H-12-001 12/31/2012 12/31/2012 2012-Ohio-6239
Click here to openOnewest Bank v. Yevtich F-11-021 12/31/2012 12/31/2012 2012-Ohio-6246
Click here to openOregon v. Miller L-11-1081 7/27/2012 7/27/2012 2012-Ohio-3412
Click here to openOttawa Hills v. Afjeh L-10-1353 1/13/2012 1/17/2012 2012-Ohio-125
Click here to openOwners Ins. Co. v. Halak L-11-1210 4/6/2012 4/6/2012 2012-Ohio-1565
Click here to openPalmer Bros. Concrete, Inc. v. Kuntry Haven Constr., L.L.C. WD-11-033 4/27/2012 4/27/2012 2012-Ohio-1875

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