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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openMcWreath v. Cortland Bank 2010-T-0023 6/29/2012 7/2/2012 2012-Ohio-3013
Click here to openMeffe v. Griffin 2012-T-0032 8/13/2012 8/13/2012 2012-Ohio-3642
Click here to openMiddlefield Banking Co. v. Deeb 2011-G-3007 7/16/2012 7/16/2012 2012-Ohio-3191
Click here to openMiller v. Wayman 2012-G-3057 12/3/2012 12/3/2012 2012-Ohio-5598
Click here to openMillstone Condominiums Unit Owners Assn. v. 270 Main St. 2011-L-078 6/11/2012 6/11/2012 2012-Ohio-2562
Click here to openMonroe v. Forum Health 2012-T-0026 12/24/2012 12/27/2012 2012-Ohio-6133
Click here to openMonroe v. Youssef 2009-T-0012 12/24/2012 12/27/2012 2012-Ohio-6122
Click here to openMotley v. Beamer 2012-L-087 9/24/2012 9/24/2012 2012-Ohio-4339
Click here to openNatl. City Bank v. Pizzie 2011-L-034 1/23/2012 1/23/2012 2012-Ohio-220
Click here to openNeuman v. Trice 2011-T-0084 9/17/2012 9/17/2012 2012-Ohio-4206
Click here to openNovotny v. Fierle 2011-L-148 9/4/2012 9/4/2012 2012-Ohio-4007
Click here to openOaktree Condominium Assn. v. Hallmark Bldg. Co. 2012-L-011 8/27/2012 8/27/2012 2012-Ohio-3891
Click here to openO'Grady v. O'Grady 2012-T-0004 9/17/2012 9/17/2012 2012-Ohio-4208
Click here to openOhio Cas. Ins. Co. v. Valaitis 2011-L-062 6/11/2012 6/11/2012 2012-Ohio-2561
Click here to openOhio Receivables L.L.C. v. Purola 2011-L-099 3/30/2012 4/2/2012 2012-Ohio-1452
Click here to openOko v. Mohr 2011-A-0045 3/30/2012 4/2/2012 2012-Ohio-1450
Click here to openOsair v. Avery Internatl. 2012-L-022 12/24/2012 12/27/2012 2012-Ohio-6129
Click here to openO'Stricker v. Robinson Mem. Hosp. Found. 2012-P-0104 11/5/2012 11/5/2012 2012-Ohio-5123
Click here to openP.M.D. Land Co., v. Warner Realty, Inc. 2011-T-0058 3/26/2012 3/26/2012 2012-Ohio-1274
Click here to openPaldino v. Champion Quick Lube Plus 2011-T-0114 9/4/2012 9/4/2012 2012-Ohio-4008
Click here to openParker v. Lake Metro. Hous. Auth. 2012-L-054 12/3/2012 12/3/2012 2012-Ohio-5580
Click here to openPenna v. Rowe 2012-P-0026 11/26/2012 11/26/2012 2012-Ohio-5442
Click here to openPesci v. Ganshiemer 2011-A-0049 1/17/2012 1/17/2012 2012-Ohio-123
Click here to openPinzone v. Pinzone 2011-L-133 12/24/2012 12/27/2012 2012-Ohio-6126
Click here to openPremier Capital, L.L.C. v. Baker 2011-P-0041 6/25/2012 6/25/2012 2012-Ohio-2834

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