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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openKinnison v. Ohio State Univ. 13AP-501 12/24/2013 12/24/2013 2013-Ohio-5715
Click here to openLeatherwood v. Medco Health Solutions of Columbus 13AP-242 10/29/2013 10/29/2013 2013-Ohio-4780
Click here to openLeFever v. State 12AP-1034 10/17/2013 10/17/2013 2013-Ohio-4606
Click here to openLegacy Academy for Leaders v. Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church 13AP-203 9/26/2013 9/26/2013 2013-Ohio-4214
Click here to openLeonard v. Georgesville Ctr., L.L.C. 13AP-441 12/24/2013 12/24/2013 2013-Ohio-5713
Click here to openLeondard v. Georgesville Ctr., L.L.C. 13AP-97 12/10/2013 12/10/2013 2013-Ohio-5390
Click here to openLeone v. Ohio Lottery Comm. 13AP-307 10/17/2013 10/17/2013 2013-Ohio-4609
Click here to openLiberty Inn v. Ohio Dept. of Health 12AP-574 3/19/2013 3/19/2013 2013-Ohio-1018
Click here to openLicking Hts. Local School Dist. Bd. of Edn. v. Reynoldsburg City School Dist. Bd. of Edn. 12AP-579 7/23/2013 7/23/2013 2013-Ohio-3211
Click here to openLips v. Univ. of Cincinnati College of Medicine 12AP-374 3/28/2013 3/28/2013 2013-Ohio-1205
Click here to openLittleton v. Holmes Siding Contr. 13AP-138 12/19/2013 12/19/2013 2013-Ohio-5602
Click here to openLove v. Ohio State Univ. 12AP-500 6/18/2013 6/18/2013 2013-Ohio-2515
Click here to openLundeen v. State Med. Bd. of Ohio 12AP-629 1/17/2013 1/17/2013 2013-Ohio-112
Click here to openMadden v. Prod. Concrete, Inc. 13AP-208 12/10/2013 12/10/2013 2013-Ohio-5393
Click here to openMalempati v. Indep. Inpatient Physicians, Inc. 12AP-565 8/15/2013 8/15/2013 2013-Ohio-3543
Click here to openMarket Ready Real Estate Servs., Inc. v. Weber 12AP-183, 12AP-803 11/5/2013 11/5/2013 2013-Ohio-4879
Click here to openMartin v. Martin 13AP-171 12/24/2013 12/24/2013 2013-Ohio-5703
Click here to openMassey v. Ohio Election[s] Comm. 13AP-20 8/13/2013 8/13/2013 2013-Ohio-3498
Click here to openMcAdams v. B&D Concrete Footers, Inc. 12AP-1088 6/13/2013 6/13/2013 2013-Ohio-2456
Click here to openMcBroom v. Bob-Boyd Lincoln Mercury, Inc. 12AP-829 4/25/2013 4/25/2013 2013-Ohio-1679
Click here to openMcIntyre v. Ohio Bur. of Workers' Comp. 12AP-1062 6/6/2013 6/6/2013 2013-Ohio-2338
Click here to openMD Acquisition, L.L.C. v. Myers 11AP-390, 11AP-412 9/5/2013 9/5/2013 2013-Ohio-3825
Click here to openMeccon, Inc. v. Univ. of Akron 12AP-899 6/20/2013 6/20/2013 2013-Ohio-2563
Click here to openMeilen v. Meilen 13AP-66 11/5/2013 11/5/2013 2013-Ohio-4883
Click here to openMercer v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 13AP-447 12/19/2013 12/19/2013 2013-Ohio-5607

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