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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openA.M.R. v. Zane Trace Local Bd. of Edn. 11CA3261 5/30/2012 6/1/2012 2012-Ohio-2419
Click here to openBabcock v. Welcome 11CA3273 11/14/2012 11/15/2012 2012-Ohio-5284
Click here to openBarber v. Williamson 11CA3265 10/16/2012 10/24/2012 2012-Ohio-4925
Click here to openBasinger v. York 11CA2 5/2/2012 5/7/2012 2012-Ohio-2017
Click here to openBell v. Turner 10CA18,10CA19 2/13/2012 2/21/2012 2012-Ohio-669
Click here to openBellamy v. Bellamy 10CA45 6/19/2012 6/21/2012 2012-Ohio-2780
Click here to openBeneficial Ohio, Inc. v. Parish 11CA3210 3/16/2012 3/20/2012 2012-Ohio-1146
Click here to openBevens v. Wooten Landscaping, Inc. 11CA819 10/25/2012 11/5/2012 2012-Ohio-5137
Click here to openBoyd v. Cogan 11CA3424 4/4/2012 4/10/2012 2012-Ohio-1604
Click here to openBrannan v. Easter 11CA3428 4/30/2012 5/9/2012 2012-Ohio-2045
Click here to openBurchett v. Mowery 11CA3419 5/14/2012 6/6/2012 2012-Ohio-2489
Click here to openCentury Natl. Bank v. Gwinn 11CA20 2/22/2012 2/28/2012 2012-Ohio-768
Click here to openCentury Natl. Bank v. Hines 11 CA 28 8/28/2012 9/5/2012 2012-Ohio-4041
Click here to openChivaho Credit Union v. McGuire 12CA3307 11/28/2012 12/12/2012 2012-Ohio-5878
Click here to openCitizen of Hocking Cty. v. Ohio Power Co. 11AP24 10/23/2012 10/26/2012 2012-Ohio-4985
Click here to openClark v. Butler 12CA3315 11/28/2012 12/4/2012 2012-Ohio-5618
Click here to openColumbia Gas Transm., L.L.C. v. Ogle 10CA11 3/21/2012 4/2/2012 2012-Ohio-1483
Click here to openCornelius v. Cornelius 12CA19 12/14/2012 1/4/2013 2012-Ohio-6293
Click here to openCruse v. Finley 12CA2 11/21/2012 11/27/2012 2012-Ohio-5465
Click here to openCurren v. Greenfield 11CA30 10/1/2012 10/9/2012 2012-Ohio-4688
Click here to openDaugherty v. Daugherty 11CA18 3/28/2012 4/3/2012 2012-Ohio-1520
Click here to openDavis v. Byers Volvo 11CA817 2/24/2012 3/5/2012 2012-Ohio-882
Click here to openDean v. Cox 11CA10 2/23/2012 2/28/2012 2012-Ohio-782
Click here to openDillon v. Siniff 11CA3268 2/22/2012 3/7/2012 2012-Ohio-910
Click here to openDiscover Bank v. Combs 11CA25 7/9/2012 7/11/2012 2012-Ohio-3150

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