June 22, 2012
Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger Presents the Supreme Court's New Writing Manual

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger recently spoke at the Common Pleas Judges Association Summer Meeting to talk about judicial writing at the trial level.┬áJustice Lanzinger joined Michael Walsh, magistrate and court administrator at the Ninth District Court of Appeals, in discussing the Ohio Supreme Court’s new “Writing Manual: A Guide to Citations, Style and Judicial Opinion Writing.”

The Writing Manual became effective January 1, 2012, and is a comprehensive guide to writing judicial opinions that is used by the Supreme Court. Divided into three parts, the manual has information on citation format for opinions, cases, and statutes; rules of style for Supreme Court opinions; and a new section with examples on how to structure an opinion. Although use of the manual is not mandatory for any court but the Supreme Court, it is available online at www.supremecourt.ohio.gov for other judges who may find it helpful in writing opinions.

“Though the guide is not required for courts other than ours, we feel teaching judges about the Writing Manual will assist in other legal writing,” Justice Lanzinger said. “And after learning more about the guide and the rules of style, the judges might decide to use the manual in their own courts.”

Now serving her second six-year term on the Supreme Court, Justice Lanzinger is the only person ever elected to every level of Ohio’s judiciary. The 150th Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, she previously served on the Sixth District Court of Appeals for Ohio, the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas and the Toledo Municipal Court. Her varied judicial experience allows her a unique perspective of the state court system.

For a high-resolution, print-quality photo of Justice Lanzinger, visit: http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/PIO/news/images/justices/lanzinger_highres.zip.

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