Available Equipment

Occasionally, the Office of Court Security acquires used screening equipment. This equipment is available to Ohio courts for permanent placement.

Equipment transfer to local courts at no cost:

Garrett 6500i Walk Through Metal Detectors
The Supreme Court of Ohio currently has two Garrett 6500i Walk through Metal Detectors available to local courts. These units will be distributed as individual units to courts. Courts requesting units must have space for permanent installation, staff to operate equipment (Supreme Court can provide training at no cost), preferred distribution to courts that have the above noted space, staff and no current equipment. Court must pick up equipment located at The Supreme Court of Ohio. Please contact Ryan Fahle at ryan.fahle@sc.ohio.gov  for information.

A portable walk-thru metal detector is available at all times for short-term loan. At this time no x-ray equipment is available for loan.

If you have any questions or would like to request the use of the portable walk-thru metal detector, please send an e-mail to: courtsecurity@sc.ohio.gov