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State v. Soller 2014-A-0034CRIMINAL - Felonious Assault; manifest weight of the evidence; sufficiency of the evidence; serious physical harm; knowingly cause physical harm; probable consequences of voluntary acts; hearsay; harmless error; no reasonable possibility that exclusion of evidence affected the result of the trialGrendellAshtabula 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-635
State v. Loftis 2014-A-0057CRIMINAL LAW - denial of motion to vacate void sentence proper when length of minimum imposed term was permissible under existing statute; felonious sexual penetration; 1989 version of R.C. 2907.12; aggravated first-degree felony; eight-year minimum term permissible under existing version of R.C. 2929.11.WrightAshtabula 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-636
State v. Yu 2014-G-3209; 2014-G-3210CRIMINAL - motion to suppress; traffic stop; reasonable suspicion; citizen informantGrendellGeauga 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-637
Fifth Third Bank v. Richards 2014-P-0040CIVIL- writ of possession; order of replevin; bankruptcy; lien; Section 522(f), Title 11, U.S. Code; lien avoidance; security interest not avoidable in bankruptcy; summary judgment; evidentiary materials; unjust enrichmentGRENDELLPORTAGE 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-638
Bank of Am. v. Salwan 2014-G-3228APPELLATE REVIEW - lack of jurisdiction; trial court has authority to correct inadvertent clerical errors; Civ.R. 60(A)RiceTrumbull 2/17/2015 2/17/2015 2015-Ohio-568
State ex rel. Hundzsa v. Pittman 2014-P-0066ORIGINAL ACTION - procedendo; mootPer CuriamPortage 2/17/2015 2/17/2015 2015-Ohio-569
Bank of New York Mellon v. Grund 2014-L-025REAL PROPERTY - foreclosure; standing; non-holder in possession; such status can be bestowed in various ways; person can be non-holder in possession if physical delivery of note to that person constitutes transfer but not negotiation; even if note was not transferred to plaintiff when complaint was filed, plaintiff had standing when the mortgage was assigned to it before the complaint was filed.RiceLake 2/9/2015 2/9/2015 2015-Ohio-466
In re S.D. 2014-A-0063JUVENILE - termination of parental rights; R.C. 2151.414(B); 12 or more months of a consecutive 22 month period; best interest; manifest weight of the evidence; child cannot be placed with either parent within a reasonable time; reasonable efforts to prevent continued removal of the child; failure to comply with case plan; lack of adequate housing; ineffective assistance of counsel; motion for legal custody; lack of prejudiceGrendellAshtabula 2/2/2015 2/2/2015 2015-Ohio-354
State v. Meyer 2014-P-0046APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 4(A); thirty-day rule; untimely appeal.CannonPortage 2/2/2015 2/2/2015 2015-Ohio-355
State v. Dixon 2013-L-103CRIMINAL LAW - CONSTITUTIONAL - OVI; motion to suppress; Terry stop; community-caretaking/emergency aid exception to the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.O'TooleLake 1/26/2015 1/26/2015 2015-Ohio-208