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State v. Dahlberg 2020-A-0030CRIMINAL LAW: effective assistance of counsel; sufficiency of the evidence, magazine in a firearm is a loaded firearm; motion to suppress, untimely, considered by trial court, officer did not need probable cause to initiate traffic stop; motion to dismiss, untimely, never served in previous case, speedy trial clock never started; drug prohibition part of community control is not double jeopardy, trial court broad discretion to fashion sanctions related to offense, rehabilitation, and prevent future crime.TrappAshtabula 3/1/2021 3/1/2021 2021-Ohio-550
State v. Stanley 2020-T-0039CRIMINAL LAW - SENTENCING - review of felony sentences; appellate court not permitted to independently weigh competing factors; R.C. 2929.11; R.C. 2929.12; R.C. 295308(G)(2); constitutionality of a statute; issue waived on appeal.WrightTrumbull 3/1/2021 3/1/2021 2021-Ohio-549
State v. Kelly 2020-P-0077APPELLATE REVIEW - Single sentence imposed after guilty finding on two crimes; unable to determine to which offense sentence applies; lack of jurisdiction.LynchPortage 2/22/2021 2/22/2021 2021-Ohio-474
In re S.J. 2020-T-0008custody, unauthorized practice of law, standing, party, nonpartyWrightTrumbull 2/22/2021 2/22/2021 2021-Ohio-471
State v. Myers 2020-T-0006CRIMINAL LAW - plea colloquy; Crim.R. 11(C); right to a jury trial; totality of the record; reasonably intelligible; jail-time credit; plain error; R.C. 2929.19(B)(2)(g); determination and notification at the sentencing hearing; no demonstration of prejudice.TrappTrumbull 2/22/2021 2/22/2021 2021-Ohio-475
State v. George 2020-T-0025CRIMINAL LAW - condition of community control; letter of apology; compelled speech; First Amendment; plain error; matter of first impression.TrappTrumbull 2/22/2021 2/22/2021 2021-Ohio-476
McCruter v. Travelers Home & Marine Ins. Co. 2019-L-167CIVIL - summary judgment; liability insurance; supplemental complaint; judgment creditor; R.C. 3929.05; R.C. 3929.06; affirmative defense; notice; cooperation; help; waiver; prejudice; improper cancellation; collusion.TrappLake 2/22/2021 2/22/2021 2021-Ohio-472
Petras v. 3G Operating Co. 2020-L-084CIVIL - wrongful discharge; public policy; clarity element; termination of a registered nurse; "interference" with the practice of nursing; employment at-will; summary judgmentLynchLake 2/22/2021 2/22/2021 2021-Ohio-473
State v. Lewis 2021-L-012APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 4(A)(1); untimely appeal.TrappLake 2/22/2021 2/22/2021 2021-Ohio-477
State v. Conklin 2020-G-0242CRIMINAL LAW - CSPO; manifest weight; R.C. 2919.25; R.C. 2913.02; cohabitation; lived with one another in the past five years; invitation by petitioner irrelevant whether respondent violated CSPO; competing versions of events, credibility of the witnesses for the trier of fact.TrappGeauga 2/16/2021 2/16/2021 2021-Ohio-417