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State v. Hipsher 6-16-01Motion to vacate void sentence was properly denied when appellant alleged that charges were allied offenses of similar import. The allegation was waived by not being raised on direct appeal and consideration was barred by the doctrine of res judicata.WillamowskiHardin 9/19/2016 9/19/2016 2016-Ohio-5877
Porter v. Wirick 4-16-02Trial court's finding that mother was in contempt of court for failing to follow Schedule A parenting time affirmed.ShawDefiance 9/12/2016 9/12/2016 2016-Ohio-5773
In re T.N. 9-15-36Defendant-Appellant, T.N., appeals the judgment of disposition entered by the Court of Common Pleas of Marion County, Family Division, adjudicating him a delinquent/unruly child for one count of rape, committing him to the Ohio Department of Youth ng Services ("the Department") for a minimum of one year up to a maximum term up to his 21st birthday, and sentencing him to a period of four years in prison. On appeal, T.N. argues that the trial court erred by entering a verdict that was not supported by sufficient evidence; entering a verdict that was against the manifest weight of the evidence; and admitting other acts evidence at trial. For the reasons that follow, we affirm the judgment of the trial court.RogersMarion 9/12/2016 9/12/2016 2016-Ohio-5774
State v. McKenzie 13-16-07Trial court did not violate Criminal Rule 7(D) by allowing the State to amend the complaint to indicate that appellant was traveling 67 mph in a 55 mph zone rather than 6 mph. The amendment did not alter the name of the offense or the identity of the offense.WillamowskiSeneca 9/12/2016 9/12/2016 2016-Ohio-5775
State v. Baker 2-16-07The trial court did not err in overruling Appellant's petition for post-conviction relief because the petition is untimely and the issue raised is barred by res judicata. ShawAuglaize 9/6/2016 9/6/2016 2016-Ohio-5669
State v. Gervin 9-15-51Appellant failed to prove he received ineffective assistance of counsel based upon alleged failures of trial counsel to raise certain arguments in a motion to suppress; Appellant's convictions for cocaine and heroin possession are supported by sufficient evidence and are not against the manifest weight of the evidence.ShawMarion 9/6/2016 9/6/2016 2016-Ohio-5670
State v. Maggette 13-16-06The appellant's convictions for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and sexual imposition were supported by sufficient evidence. The appellant's sentence consisting of the maximum terms is not contrary to law.ShawSeneca 8/29/2016 8/29/2016 2016-Ohio-5554
State v. Potts 5-16-03The defendant-appellant's felonious assault conviction is based on sufficient evidence. The trial court did not abuse its discretion by not instructing the jury on aggravated menacing because aggravated menacing is not a lesser-included offense of felonious assault. The trial court did not err by failing to merge the defendant-appellant's felonious assault and aggravated burglary convictions because, based on the facts of this case, those offenses are of dissimilar import since the defendant-appellant victimized more than one person.PrestonHancock 8/29/2016 8/29/2016 2016-Ohio-5555
State v. Malone 9-15-42The trial court did not err in ordering a period of community control sanctions for one offense to begin after the completion of a prison term imposed for another offense. The trial court erred in concluding as a matter of law that an individual using his business entity to engage in a pattern of corrupt activity cannot constitute an "enterprise" under R.C. 2923.31 et seq.ShawMarion 8/29/2016 8/29/2016 2016-Ohio-5556
State v. Wright 6-15-14The defendant-appellant's convictions for complicity to burglary and complicity to theft were based on sufficient evidence and not against the manifest weight of the evidence.PrestonHardin 8/22/2016 8/22/2016 2016-Ohio-5465