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Papps v. Karras L-14-1246Appellant lacked standing to bring action to remove trustee where his interest in the trust corpus was limited to the receipt of the settlor's book collection upon the settlor's death. The settlor is still alive, and the books were already offered to appellant.YarbroughLucas 3/20/2015 3/20/2015 2015-Ohio-1055
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. v. Swan L-14-1186Summary judgment in foreclosure action proper where movant demonstrates that it is the holder and party entitled to enforce the note, that the defendants are in default, that all conditions precedent have been satisfied, and the amount due, and where the defendants have not presented any evidence establishing a genuine issue of material fact.YarbroughLucas 3/20/2015 3/20/2015 2015-Ohio-1056
State v. McIntire H-13-018At a jury trial on charges of various sex offenses against a 12-year-old and 14-year-old, the trial court did not err in allowing a detective to testify about delayed reporting of sexual abuse. The testimony of a state's witness commenting on appellant's invocation of his right to silence did not require reversal. The indictment, which alleged that the offenses occurred on a specific date, was not fatally flawed where the precise dates of the offenses were unknown and the witnesses' timelines differed.JensenHuron 3/20/2015 3/20/2015 2015-Ohio-1057
Jo.W. v. Je.W. L-14-1095Trial court did not abuse its discretion in granting father's motion for reallocation of parental rights and naming him custodial parent.PietrykowskiLucas 3/20/2015 3/20/2015 2015-Ohio-1058
State v. Jones S-14-003The maximum sentence for a term of community service for a minor misdemeanor is limited to 30 hours under R.C. 2929.27(D). R.C. 2929.27(D) requires a sentence to community service for a minor misdemeanor be imposed in lieu of all or part of a fine.PietrykowskiSandusky 3/16/2015 3/16/2015 2015-Ohio-903
State v. Byrd L-14-1065Sentences upheld for rapes but reversed and remanded for clerical error in sentencing entry. Post-Bonnell case; a trial court should include its findings in its judgment entry.SingerLucas 3/13/2015 3/13/2015 2015-Ohio-904
Castillo v. Ott L-14-1248In probate action seeking declaratory judgment, trial court did not err in granting motion to dismiss where the action sought a determination as to the applicability of the anti-lapse provisions of R.C. 2107.52(B)(2)(b) to a class gift to the testator's "children." The class of "children" are not protected under the anti-lapse provisions.YarbroughLucas 3/13/2015 3/13/2015 2015-Ohio-905
Citizens Banking Co. v. Ott's Body Shop E-14-106Trial court properly held appellee's perfected security interest takes priority over appellant's competing common law artisan claim. Judgment affirmed.OsowikErie 3/13/2015 3/13/2015 2015-Ohio-906
In re Estate of Tillimon L-08-1353Failure to object to magistrate's findings of fact and conclusion of law waives a party's assignment of error on appeal as to the trial court's adoption of those findings and conclusions.JensenLucas 3/13/2015 3/13/2015 2015-Ohio-907
State v. Flowers L-14-1141Imposition of financial sanctions including the costs of prosecution, confinement, and appointed counsel, and the award of restitution is not error where the record contains clear and convincing evidence supporting the trial court's determination of appellant's ability to pay those costs.YarbroughLucas 3/13/2015 3/13/2015 2015-Ohio-908