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State v. Kern L-14-1173Where a defendant, represented by counsel, expressly waives the R.C. 2937.07 requirement of an explanation of circumstances prior to accepting a no contest plea, he has invited the error and may not argue that his conviction was not supported by sufficient evidence.PietrykowskiLucas 5/22/2015 5/22/2015 2015-Ohio-1988
State v. Conn OT-14-018Trial court properly denied defendant's motion to suppress the results of his breath test. The state demonstrated substantial compliance with the Ohio Department of Health testing procedures, and defendant failed to rebut the presumption of admissibility of test with evidence of prejudice or with evidence that the machine otherwise malfunctioned.JensenOttawa 5/22/2015 5/22/2015 2015-Ohio-1989
State v. Lapoint L-14-1140The trial court erred in denying defendant's motion to dismiss for violation of her speedy trial rights. The time for trying her was not tolled while she was in jail in Florida because the state did not exercise reasonable diligence to secure her availability. The Interstate Agreement on Detainers did not apply because the state did not place a detainer, thus provision requiring defendant to provide the state with written notice of her whereabouts and requesting final disposition was not triggered.JensenLucas 5/22/2015 5/22/2015 2015-Ohio-1990
State v. Allen L-14-1165Trial court did not err by denying appellant's "Motion for Plain Error" where issues raised by appellant are barred by the doctrine of res judicata.OsowikLucas 5/15/2015 5/15/2015 2015-Ohio-1858
State v. Clyde E-14-006Insufficient evidence in the record to support convictions for attempted pandering and one count of compelling prostitution. Convictions for sexual battery, disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and corrupting another with drugs supported by evidence. Counsel not ineffective. No error in trying all counts of indictments together to the bench. Trial court erred by imposing consecutive sentences where the court failed to make the statutorily required findings under R.C. 2929.14(C)(4).SingerErie 5/15/2015 5/15/2015 2015-Ohio-1859
State v. Conner L-14-1050Appellant's conviction for assault on a corrections officer was supported by sufficient evidence and was not against the weight of the evidence.PietrykowskiLucas 5/15/2015 5/15/2015 2015-Ohio-1860
Eureka Multifamily Group v. Terrell L-14-1152Where the trial court in action for forcible entry and detainer found that property manager waived the R.C. 1923.04 three-day notice to vacate by accepting future rent payments, it was required to dismiss the property owner's complaint for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction.JensenLucas 5/15/2015 5/15/2015 2015-Ohio-1861
State v. Folk WD-14-001; WD-14-011Appellant's convictions on four counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance, violations of R.C. 2907.323(A)(1) and (B) with R.C. 2929.13(F)(6) prior conviction specifications and on one count of possessing criminal tools in violation of R.C. 2923.24(A) are not against the manifest weight of the evidence. The convictions are also supported by sufficient evidence.PietrykowskiWood 5/15/2015 5/15/2015 2015-Ohio-1862
Gibsonburg Health, L.L.C. v. Miniet S-14-023Motion to dismiss properly denied by trial court. Notice sent by court to appellant's counsel did not violate appellant's right to due process. Trial court's judgment against appellant for unjust enrichment affirmed.SingerSandusky 5/15/2015 5/15/2015 2015-Ohio-1863
Toledo v. Green L-14-1093Out of Court statements by alleged victim to police officers at the scene were testimonial and inadmissible under the Confrontation Clause. Recording of 911 telephone call was inadmissible under Evid.R. 901 because of lack of evidence in the record upon which to identify the voice in the recording as the voice of the alleged victim.PietrykowskiLucas 5/15/2015 5/15/2015 2015-Ohio-1864