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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
Soucik v. Gulport Energy 17 BE 0022R.C. 5301.56 notice requirements; due diligence for notice by publication; claims to preserve; Dormant Mineral Act; Marketable Title Act; exception within root of title; denial of motion for summary judgmentBartlettBelmont 2/7/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-491
State v. Price 18 BE 0009R.C. 2947.59(A)(1)(a); R.C. 2947.39 (C); R.C. 2929.19 (B)(2)(f)BartlettBelmont 2/6/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-500
Miller v. Mellott 18 MO0004Marketable Title Act; Dormant Mineral Act; reservation within root of title; due diligence for service by publication; notice requirements of R.C. 5301.56; conclusive presumption of abandonment; adverse possession of severed mineral interestsBartlettMonroe 2/6/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-504
Hickman v. Consolidation Coal 17 CO 0012Dormant Mineral Act; Marketable Title Act; root of title deed; reservation or exception within the root of title; conclusive presumption of abandonmentBartlettColumbiana 2/5/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-492
State v. McKeithen 17 CO 0014Right to confront witnesses; plea entered knowingly; rights explained in a manner reasonably intelligible to the defendant; plea hearing colloquyBartlettColumbiana 2/5/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-493
V.T. Larney, Ltd. v. Locust St. Invest. Co. 17 MA 0101Merger by deed; laches; waiver by estoppelBartlettMahoning 2/4/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-496
State v. Michaels 17 MA 0122R.C. 2929.19(B)(1); silent record; rebuttible resumptionBartlettMahoning 2/4/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-497
Linker v. Xpress Fuel Mart 17 MA 0172Application for reconsideration; App.R. 26; summary judgment; no obvious error.Per CuriamMahoning 2/1/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-498
Gray v. Bowen 18 MA 0044Habeas; res judicata; new evidence; alternative legal remedy.Per CuriamMahoning 2/1/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-501
State v. Davis 16 MA 0174R.C. 4510.11(A); pro se cross-examination is not testimonial in nature; a certified LEADS report is a self-authenticating public record.WaiteMahoning 2/1/2019 2/12/2019 2019-Ohio-490