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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openMorgan v. Ramby CA2010-10-095; CA2010-10-101 2/27/2012 2/27/2012 2012-Ohio-763
Click here to openNationwide Agribusiness Ins. Co. v. J.D. Equip., Inc. CA2011-06-012 1/23/2012 1/23/2012 2012-Ohio-229
Click here to openNelson v. Pieratt CA2011-02-011 6/11/2012 6/11/2012 2012-Ohio-2568
Click here to openNithiananthan v. Toirac CA2011-09-098 2/6/2012 2/6/2012 2012-Ohio-431
Click here to openOrnelas v. Ornelas CA2011-08-094 9/10/2012 9/10/2012 2012-Ohio-4106
Click here to openParker v. Patrick CA2011-12-027 7/23/2012 7/23/2012 2012-Ohio-3312
Click here to openPeacock v. Peacock CA2012-05-037 12/17/2012 12/17/2012 2012-Ohio-5960
Click here to openPettit v. Pettit CA2011-08-018 4/23/2012 4/23/2012 2012-Ohio-1801
Click here to openPierce Point Cinema 10, L.L.C. v. Perin-Tyler Family Found., L.L.C. CA2012-02-014 10/29/2012 10/29/2012 2012-Ohio-5008
Click here to openPierson v. Gorrell CA2011-11-216 8/27/2012 8/27/2012 2012-Ohio-3878
Click here to openPinnacle Mgt. v. Bell CA2011-08-145 4/9/2012 4/9/2012 2012-Ohio-1595
Click here to openProvidence Manor Homeowners Assn., Inc. v. Rogers CA2011-10-189 8/6/2012 8/6/2012 2012-Ohio-3532
Click here to openRapp v. Pride CA2011-05-091 5/7/2012 5/7/2012 2012-Ohio-2023
Click here to openReed v. Morgan CA2011-03-065 5/7/2012 5/7/2012 2012-Ohio-2022
Click here to openRiverwalk Holdings, Ltd. v. Sorge CA2012-01-001 7/23/2012 7/23/2012 2012-Ohio-3315
Click here to openRogers v. Rogers CA2012-02-027 12/28/2012 12/28/2012 2012-Ohio-6173
Click here to openRoos v. Roos CA2012-02-033 11/13/2012 11/13/2012 2012-Ohio-5243
Click here to openRose v. CTL Aerospace, Inc. CA2011-09-171 4/9/2012 4/9/2012 2012-Ohio-1596
Click here to openSchmidt v. Krikorian CA2011-05-035 2/21/2012 2/21/2012 2012-Ohio-683
Click here to openSchneble v. Stark CA2011-06-063, CA2011-06-064 7/9/2012 7/9/2012 2012-Ohio-3130
Click here to openSchussheim v. Schussheim CA2011-07-078 6/11/2012 6/11/2012 2012-Ohio-2573
Click here to openScovanner v. Ohio Valley Voices CA2012-02-017 8/13/2012 8/13/2012 2012-Ohio-3629
Click here to openSeed Consultants, Inc. v. Schlichter CA2011-02-002 5/21/2012 5/21/2012 2012-Ohio-2256
Click here to openShonebarger v. Nelson CA2011-04-032 1/30/2012 1/30/2012 2012-Ohio-315
Click here to openState ex rel. Doe v. Tetrault CA2011-10-070 8/27/2012 8/27/2012 2012-Ohio-3879

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