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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openAlexander v. MHL Ltd. C-120063 9/7/2012 9/7/2012 2012-Ohio-4046
Click here to openAlexander v. Motorists Mut. Ins. Co. C-110836 8/29/2012 8/29/2012 2012-Ohio-3911
Click here to openArt's Rental Equip., Inc. v. Bear Creek Constr., L.L.C. C-110544; C-110555; C-110558; C-110559; C-110564; C-110785; C-110792; C-110797; C-110798; C-110799; C-110800; C-110801; C-110808; C-110809; C-120309 11/21/2012 11/21/2012 2012-Ohio-5371
Click here to openAvondale Community Council v. Galarza C-110221 1/20/2012 1/20/2012 2012-Ohio-186
Click here to openBaker v. Greenlee C-110779 8/22/2012 8/22/2012 2012-Ohio-3760
Click here to openBell v. Bur. of Workers' Comp. C-110166 3/30/2012 3/30/2012 2012-Ohio-1364
Click here to openBrandner v. Innovex, Inc. C-110401 2/10/2012 2/10/2012 2012-Ohio-462
Click here to openBrantley v. Title First Agency, Inc. C-110480 2/29/2012 2/29/2012 2012-Ohio-766
Click here to openBrendamour v. Brendamour C-110391 4/27/2012 4/27/2012 2012-Ohio-1825
Click here to openBrookville Equip. Corp. v. Cincinnati C-120434 8/15/2012 8/15/2012 2012-Ohio-3648
Click here to openByron v. Byron C-110576 4/13/2012 4/13/2012 2012-Ohio-1632
Click here to openCincinnati v. Gammarino C-110764 9/5/2012 9/5/2012 2012-Ohio-4017
Click here to openCincinnati v. State C-110680 7/13/2012 7/13/2012 2012-Ohio-3162
Click here to openCitizens Against Blasting on Our Miami v. Anderson Twp. Bd. of Zoning Appeals C-120011; C-120012; C-120013; C-120014; C-120015 12/28/2012 12/28/2012 2012-Ohio-6145
Click here to openConkin v. CHS-Ohio Valley, Inc. C-110660 6/22/2012 6/22/2012 2012-Ohio-2816
Click here to openCummins v. Broderick C-110399 4/4/2012 4/4/2012 2012-Ohio-1508
Click here to openDaniels v. Verai Ents., Inc. C-110440 5/23/2012 5/23/2012 2012-Ohio-2264
Click here to openDean v. Cincinnati Metro. Hous. Auth. C-110673 5/23/2012 5/23/2012 2012-Ohio-2265
Click here to openFischoff v. Hamilton C-120200 10/17/2012 10/17/2012 2012-Ohio-4785
Click here to openGamel v. Cincinnati C-110613 11/7/2012 11/7/2012 2012-Ohio-5152
Click here to openGindling v. Schiff C-100669 2/29/2012 2/29/2012 2012-Ohio-764
Click here to openGoering v. Schille C-110525, C-110604 7/25/2012 7/25/2012 2012-Ohio-3330
Click here to openGreenacres Found. v. Zoning Bd. of Bldg. Appeals C-120131 10/17/2012 10/17/2012 2012-Ohio-4784
Click here to openGreene v. Cincinnati C-120079 11/21/2012 11/21/2012 2012-Ohio-5393
Click here to openGriga v. DiBenedetto C-120300 12/26/2012 12/26/2012 2012-Ohio-6097

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