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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to open State v. Burchett 11CA3445 4/30/2013 5/3/2013 2013-Ohio-1815
Click here to openAllen v. Bryan 12CA15 5/6/2013 5/10/2013 2013-Ohio-1917
Click here to openAllen v. Rankin 12CA10 1/29/2013 2/12/2013 2013-Ohio-456
Click here to openAm. Sav. Bank v. Pertuset 11CA3442 2/5/2013 2/20/2013 2013-Ohio-566
Click here to openAti Performance Prods., Inc. v. Stevens 12CA6 4/1/2013 4/1/2013 2013-Ohio-1313
Click here to openAuflick v. Healthcare Industries 12CA27 9/5/2013 9/6/2013 2013-Ohio-3860
Click here to openBartley v. Hearth & Care of Greenfield, L.L.C. 12CA13 1/28/2013 1/31/2013 2013-Ohio-279
Click here to openBell v. Turner 12CA14, 12CA15 3/25/2013 4/3/2013 2013-Ohio-1323
Click here to openBender v. Portsmouth 12CA3491 5/13/2013 5/17/2013 2013-Ohio-2023
Click here to openBiggert v. Highland Cty. Bd. of Dev. Disabilities 12CA19 5/15/2013 5/23/2013 2013-Ohio-2112
Click here to openBodager v. Campbell 12CA828 10/7/2013 10/21/2013 2013-Ohio-4650
Click here to openBrown v. Gallagher 12CA3332 5/31/2013 6/5/2013 2013-Ohio-2323
Click here to openCampbell v. George J. Igel & Co., Inc. 13CA4 8/14/2013 8/19/2013 2013-Ohio-3584
Click here to openChase Home Fin., L.L.C. v. Dunlap 11CA3266 5/3/2013 5/10/2013 2013-Ohio-1915
Click here to openChase v. Gersten 12CA3314 1/23/2013 1/30/2013 2013-Ohio-252
Click here to openCitizens Bank Co. v. Keffer 12CA17 1/28/2013 1/29/2013 2013-Ohio-245
Click here to openCitizens Bank v. Hines 12CA5 2/7/2013 2/27/2013 2013-Ohio-690
Click here to openCline v. Fairland Local School Dist. 12CA15 2/25/2013 3/11/2013 2013-Ohio-886
Click here to openCooke v. Bowen 12CA3497 10/16/2013 10/28/2013 2013-Ohio-4771
Click here to openCulp v. Olukoga 12CA3470 11/18/2013 11/25/2013 2013-Ohio-5211
Click here to openDearth v. Fifth Third Bank 12CA3335 6/26/2013 6/27/2013 2013-Ohio-2686
Click here to openDenuit v. Ohio State Bd. of Pharmacy 11CA11, 11CA12 6/13/2013 6/14/2013 2013-Ohio-2484
Click here to openDickess v. Stephens 12CA8 2/22/2013 4/3/2013 2013-Ohio-1317
Click here to openDill v. Athens 12CA30 12/26/2013 1/10/2014 2013-Ohio-5888
Click here to openDuck v. Cantoni 11CA20 1/29/2013 2/5/2013 2013-Ohio-351

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