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Case Name Case No. Decided Posted WebCite
Click here to openBaldwin v. Cusma 2013CA00145 3/10/2014 3/11/2014 2014-Ohio-905
Click here to openBarringer v. Barringer 13-CA-54 2/11/2014 2/12/2014 2014-Ohio-480
Click here to openBlack v. Chiropractic Assocs. of Zanesville, L.L.C. CT2013-0012 1/16/2014 1/22/2014 2014-Ohio-192
Click here to openBourlas Constr., Inc. v. Paxos 2013CA00076 1/27/2014 1/29/2014 2014-Ohio-289
Click here to openBrown v. Conley 13 CAF 11 0079 2/14/2014 2/19/2014 2014-Ohio-585
Click here to openBumpus v. Ward 13CA13, 13CA14 1/22/2014 1/27/2014 2014-Ohio-267
Click here to openCanady v. Ohio Cas. Ins. Co. CT2013-0020 2/18/2014 2/20/2014 2014-Ohio-596
Click here to openCarpenter v. Mt. Vernon Gateway, Ltd. 13CA6 2/5/2014 2/11/2014 2014-Ohio-465
Click here to openChaffin v. Shrontz 13 CA 25 4/7/2014 4/8/2014 2014-Ohio-1495
Click here to openChase Home Finance, L.L.C. v. Lindenmayer 13-CA-66 3/14/2014 3/19/2014 2014-Ohio-1041
Click here to openCitibank, NA v. Valentine 13CAE040030 1/3/2014 1/6/2014 2014-Ohio-12
Click here to openCitimortgage, Inc. v. Cathcart 2013CA00179 2/18/2014 2/21/2014 2014-Ohio-620
Click here to openCollins v. Interim Healthcare of Columbus, Inc. 13-CA-00003 1/3/2014 1/9/2014 2014-Ohio-40
Click here to openDaniels v. Daniels 13-CA-87 1/9/2014 1/13/2014 2014-Ohio-83
Click here to openDavis v. Canton 2013CA00080 1/21/2014 1/22/2014 2014-Ohio-195
Click here to openDeutsche Bank Natl. Trust Co. v. Green 13 CA 50 2/5/2014 2/6/2014 2014-Ohio-408
Click here to openDillon v. Farmers Ins. of Columbus, Inc. 2013CA0014 2/6/2014 2/7/2014 2014-Ohio-431
Click here to openDuff v. Duff 13 CA 23 3/14/2014 3/19/2014 2014-Ohio-1040
Click here to openElkins v. Reed 2013CA0090 3/24/2014 3/26/2014 2014-Ohio-1216
Click here to openElkins v. Reed 2013CA0091 3/24/2014 3/26/2014 2014-Ohio-1217
Click here to openErvin v. Willison CT2013-0022 2/10/2014 2/12/2014 2014-Ohio-482
Click here to openFreedom Mtge. Corp. v. Vitale 2013 AP 08 0037 4/10/2014 4/11/2014 2014-Ohio-1549
Click here to openFresh Mark, Inc. v. U.C. Review Comm. 2013CA00125 3/17/2014 3/24/2014 2014-Ohio-1166
Click here to openFulmer v. W. Licking Joint Fire Dist. 13-CA-36 1/9/2014 1/13/2014 2014-Ohio-82
Click here to openGriffith v. Aultman Hosp. 2013CA00142 3/25/2014 3/26/2014 2014-Ohio-1218

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