Oral Argument Calendar
March 2, 2021 - April 28, 2021*

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Maureen O'Connor, Chief Justice
Sharon L. Kennedy
Patrick F. Fischer
R. Patrick DeWine
Michael P. Donnelly
Melody J. Stewart
Jennifer Brunner

Jeffrey C. Hagler, Administrative Director
Sandra H. Grosko, Clerk of the Court
Douglas M. Nelson, Reporter of Decisions

Each side is allowed 15 minutes for oral argument unless otherwise noted. Court convenes promptly at 9 a.m. Counsel in all cases are expected to be present when court convenes. Counsel should register with the chief deputy clerk prior to 8:45 a.m.

*Calendar subject to change. Parties or their counsel will receive notices of hearing from the Office of the Clerk.
Questions or comments should be directed to the Clerk’s Office at 614.387.9530.

March 2
9 a.m.
Official schedule
All oral arguments will be conducted by videoconferencing
2020-0182 Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow v. Ohio State Board of Education et al. Franklin
2019-0487 State of Ohio v. Arron L. Lawson
30 Minutes Per Side
March 3
9 a.m.
Official schedule
All oral arguments will be conducted by videoconferencing
2020-0255 State of Ohio v. Robert L. Bates Cuyahoga
2020-0337 State of Ohio v. Jacob R. LaRosa Trumbull
2020-0781 In the Matter of the Application of Suburban Natural Gas Company for an Increase in Gas Distribution Rates, for Tariff Approval, and for Approval of Certain Accounting Authority  
2020-1497 Disciplinary Counsel v. Eric C. Deters  
March 4
9 a.m.
Official schedule
All oral arguments will be conducted by videoconferencing
2019-0303 State of Ohio v. George C. Brinkman
30 Minutes Per Side
2020-0306 Motorists Mutual Insurance Company v. Ironics, Inc., et al. and Mercy Komar, et al. Wood
2020-1199 Disciplinary Counsel v. Richard Barbera  
March 30
9 a.m.
All oral arguments will be conducted by videoconferencing  
2020-0152 Northern Frozen Foods, Inc. v. Ross C. Farro, et al. Cuyahoga
2020-0290 State of Ohio v. Sherry Tidwell Hamilton
2020-0303 Mark Johnson, Individually and as Guardian of David Johnson, an incompetent, Glenda Johnson and Gary Johnson v. Anthony Abdullah, M.D. Hamilton
2020-0415 State of Ohio v. Khairi A. Bond Richland
March 31
9 a.m.
All oral arguments will be conducted by videoconferencing  
2019-1813 State of Ohio v. Nicholas Smith Cuyahoga
2020-0368 State of Ohio v. Earl Jones Hamilton
2020-0495 State of Ohio v. Leandre Jordan Hamilton
2020-0511 In the Matter of the Application of Duke Energy, Ohio, Inc., for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the C314V Central Corridor Pipeline Extension Project  
April 13
9 a.m.
2019-0191 State ex rel. Ohio History Connection v. The Moundbuilders Country Club Company and Park National Bank Licking
2020-0338 State of Ohio v. Samuel Glenn Montgomery
2020-0405 AKC, Inc., dba Cleantech v. United Specialty Insurance Company, et al. Summit
State of Ohio v. Marshall Williams Cuyahoga
April 14
9 a.m.
State of Ohio v. Miquan D. Hubbard Butler
2020-0549 State of Ohio v. Albert Jarvis Muskingum
2020-0599 State of Ohio v. Manson M. Bryant Lake
2020-0643 Rancho Cincinnati Rivers, LLC v. Warren County Board of Revision, et al. Warren
April 27
9 a.m.
2020-0743 Ronald M. Jezerinac, et al. v. Mo M. Dioun, et al. Franklin
2020-0277 The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company v. City of Cleveland, et al. Cuyahoga
State of Ohio v. Brooke E. Jones Harrison
2020-0755 State of Ohio ex rel., Jamie Suwalski v. Judge Robert W. Peeler Warren
April 28
9 a.m.
2020-0608 State of Ohio v. CSX Transportation, Inc. Union
2020-0700 State of Ohio v. (P.J.F.) Franklin
2020-0705 Maternal Grandmother, as Administrator of the Estate of G.B., a deceased minor, and Maternal Grandmother, Individually v. Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services, Hamilton County, Ohio, Denise Driehouse, Chris Montzel, Todd Portune, Shamara Stephens a.k.a. Shamara Hooks-Ware, Kassie Setty, and Lumadi Lavusa, and Father of G.B. and Mother of G.B. Hamilton
2020-0819 State of Ohio v. Clarence Leyh Summit
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