Judicial & Court Services

The Judicial and Court Services Division supports trial and appellate courts in the administration of justice. The Division provides traditional and innovative services in response to and with respect for the needs of the courts and the public.

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Judge Assignments

The Office of Judicial and Court Services - Includes management of the judge database and support services for the creation of new judgeships.

The Judicial College - Provides a comprehensive program of education for Ohio's judges, magistrates, and non-judicial court personnel. Includes the judge mentoring program.

The Case Management Section - Provides practical and cost-effective solutions for case flow and operational management concerns. Provides oversight to the Assigned Judge Program and the Court Statistical Reporting Section.

The Children & Families Section - Supports all courts and judges in Ohio with jurisdiction over juvenile, probate, and family law matters. The section also manages the federal Court Improvement Program and other court reforms, and staffs the Advisory Committee on Children & Families.

Local Court Roundtable Meetings

The Supreme Court of Ohio established the local court roundtables program in order to provide a way for judges, magistrates, and other court personnel from courts of similar jurisdiction and demographics to come together to share ideas, concerns, and triumphs.  Agenda topics to be discussed are solicited from roundtable members ahead of each roundtable meeting. Supreme Court staff facilitate each meeting.

All roundtable meetings are held at the Moyer Judicial Center in Columbus. Anyone wishing to participate in a particular roundtable should contact Gerri Allen in order to be added to that roundtable's membership roster. Roster members will receive written confirmation approximately four weeks prior to each roundtable meeting.

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The Dispute Resolution Section - Provides mediation training, program monitoring and administration of policies and procedures for Dispute Resolution. Includes management of grant awards for local mediation programs. Staffs the Commission on Dispute Resolution.

The Domestic Violence Program - Assists and supports local courts with issues associated with civil and criminal domestic violence and stalking cases practices and procedures. Staffs the Advisory Committee on Domestic Violence.

The Language Services Program - Provides technical support and advice on the use of interpreters in the court and also training for court personnel, judges, and court administrators. Staffs the Advisory Committee on Interpreter Services.

The Specialized Dockets Section - Provides technical support and guidelines for the establishment and operation of local specialized dockets. Includes assistance with drug courts, mental health courts, and domestic violence programs.