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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
College Hills Assn. v. TT Group, L.L.C. 2014-L-016CIVIL PROCEDURE - motion for relief from judgment; res judicata; cannot use motion for relief from judgment as substitute for timely appeal.WrightLake 4/13/2015 4/13/2015 2015-Ohio-1406
State v. Zundel 2014-L-123APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 5(A); delayed appeal; reasons do not justify delay of over thirteen months before filing of notice.GrendellLake 4/13/2015 4/13/2015 2015-Ohio-1407
Autovest, L.L.C. v. Strickland 2015-P-0022APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 4(A); thirty-day rule; untimely appeal.O'ToolePortage 4/13/2015 4/13/2015 2015-Ohio-1408
State ex rel. Reyes v. Pittman 2014-P-0033EXTRAORDINARY WRIT - Procedendo; moot; prior performance of requested judicial act.Per CuriamPortage 4/6/2015 4/6/2015 2015-Ohio-1336
In re Estate of Barry 2013-G-3147PROBATE - estate; master commissioner; attorney fees; abuse of discretion standard of review; fiduciary; R.C. 2109.01; breach of fiduciary claim.O'TooleGeauga 3/31/2015 3/31/2015 2015-Ohio-1203
State v. Smith 2013-P-0054CRIMINAL - motion to suppress; search and seizure; reasonable suspicion; investigative/Terry stop; pat downGrendellPortage 3/31/2015 3/31/2015 2015-Ohio-1204
Jackson v. Proto Machine & Mfg., Inc. 2013-P-0078APPELLATE REVIEW -- motion to intervene; insurance; indemnification; culpable mental state; collateral estoppel; jurisdiction; final, appealable order.CannonPortage 3/31/2015 3/31/2015 2015-Ohio-1205
McConnell v. Bare Label Prods., Inc. 2013-T-0050CIVIL - failure to produce corporate records; R.C. 1701.37(A) and (C); forfeiture; R.C. 1701.94(B) and (C); lost profits; sufficient evidence; punitive damages.GrendellTrumbull 3/31/2015 3/31/2015 2015-Ohio-1206
Waldorf v. Waldorf 2013-T-0094DOMESTIC RELATIONS - GENERAL - motion to continue; abuse of discretion standard of review; balancing test; withdrawal of counsel; Husband placed at disadvantage by having to represent himself pro se.O'TooleTrumbull 3/31/2015 3/31/2015 2015-Ohio-1207
OBLH, L.L.C. v. O'Brien 2013-T-0111CIVIL -- motion to dismiss; Civ.R. 12(B)(6); breach of fiduciary duty; fiduciary relationship; mutual recognition; breach of contract; real property; mineral rights; oral agreement; statute of frauds; affirmative defense; part performance; delivery of possession; unjust enrichment; benefit not directly conferred.CannonTrumbull 3/31/2015 3/31/2015 2015-Ohio-1208