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State v. Shafei CA2013-11-196; CA2014-03-072; CA2014-05-102Controlled Substances Act; R.C. 3719.41; R.C. 3719.43; R.C. 3719.44; XLR11; Entrapment by Estoppel; Reasonable Reliance; Due Process; Fair NoticeHendricksonButler 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-645
State v. Hubbard CA2014-03-063motion to dismiss; constitutional speedy-trial challenge; length of the delay; reason for the delay; defendant's assertion of his right; prejudice to the accused from the delay; statutory speedy-trial challenge; R.C. 2941.401; 180-day jurisdictional limitation; inmate causes to be delivered to the state and trial court notice of incarceration and demand for final disposition of charges; allied offenses; burglary and petty theft; consecutive sentences; R.C. 2929.14(C)(4); restitution; economic loss; present and future ability to payHendricksonButler 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-646
State v. Keith CA2014-04-094The trial court's failure to advise appellant of the manner in which he would be subject to community service upon nonpayment of mandatory court costs did not result in reversible error where the plain language of the amended statute states that a failure to so advise will not prohibit the trial court's ability to order community service. PiperButler 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-647
Doran v. Doran CA2014-04-027Child support; shared parenting; R.C. 3119.24; R.C. 3119.022; deviation; extraordinary circumstances of the parents; abuse of discretion.HendricksonClermont 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-648
State v. Todd CA2014-05-035Gross sexual imposition; sexual battery; victims were defendant's pre-teenage daughter and teenage nieces; maximum and consecutive sentences.PowellClermont 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-649
Fox v. Fox CA2014-06-043Parenting Time; Contempt; Activities; Communications.RinglandClermont 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-650
State v. Barnes CA2014-03-049Community Service; Court Costs; Postrelease Control; Mandatory; Right to Appeal; Crim.R. 32(B)(2); Nunc Pro tunc; Dismiss.RinglandWarren 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-651
State v. Noble CA2014-06-080Constitutional right to jury trial; appearance of trial tax; sufficient evidence; theft.PiperWarren 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-652
State v. Rodriguez CA2014-03-073Motion to Suppress; Standard of Review; Plain Smell: While court of appeals was uncertain as to the law enforcement officer's testimony that he could smell small amount of marijuana emanating from appellant after the officer pressed on appellant's pocket in which the marijuana was located, the trial court was in the best position to judge the officer's credibility. Terry Stop; Weapons Search; Contraband; Evidence: Law enforcement officer erred in believing he could seize large wad of cash found during Terry pat-down on the ground that it was evidence, as purpose of a Terry pat-down is to look for weapons not evidence. Objects the law enforcement officer finds during pat-down that are not weapons or that do not feel like they could possibly be weapons or that are not immediately recognizable as contraband cannot be seized by the law enforcement officer. Inevitable Discovery Rule; Harmless Error: The $3,000 in cash improperly seized by police as a result of a Terry pat-down weapons search would still have been admissible under the "inevitable discovery" rule as there is a reasonable probability that police would have lawfully found the cash apart from the unlawful initial seizure of the cash. Since minor misdemeanor drug possession charge brought against appellant was not dependent on the $3,000 in cash unlawfully seized from his pants pocket, the trial court's refusal to suppress the cash from evidence was, at most, harmless error.RinglandButler 2/17/2015 2/17/2015 2015-Ohio-571
State v. Fisher CA2014-05-036The trial court must make statutory findings before sentencing appellant to consecutive sentences because the date of appellant's crimes was immaterial where H.B. 86 applies to a defendant who has not been sentenced as of its effective date. PiperClermont 2/17/2015 2/17/2015 2015-Ohio-572