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Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. v. Lucas Cty. Sanit. Engineers L-14-1058Language in complaint sufficient to survive political subdivision's motion for judgment on the pleadings where political subdivision asserted immunity. Trial court did not err in denying political subdivision's motion.SingerLucas 2/27/2015 2/27/2015 2015-Ohio-702
Franks v. Meyers WD-14-035Judgment that became dormant prior to June 2, 2004, is subject to the pre-amended version of R.C. 2325.18 and its provision of a 21-year statute of limitations. The judgment continued to accrue interest during the period of dormancy at the rate established by statute at the time the judgment was entered.YarbroughWood 2/27/2015 2/27/2015 2015-Ohio-703
State v. Sargent L-13-1125Trial court erred in admitting other acts evidence in appellant's prosecution for felony domestic violence. Applying the three step analysis mandated under State v. Morris, Slip Opinion No. 2014-Ohio-5052, we conclude the error was not harmless and that appellant is entitled to a new trial.PietrykowskiLucas 2/27/2015 2/27/2015 2015-Ohio-704
State v. Lindenau H-14-011Dangerous dog designation was invalid where the record failed to reflect that service of the required notice was properly made under R.C. 955.222.JensenHuron 2/27/2015 2/27/2015 2015-Ohio-705
Wagner v. Huron Cty. Bd. of Cty. Commrs. H-14-010Trial court did not err in failing to award appellant forfeiture damages and attorney's fees under R.C. 149.351 where appellant did not establish that he was an aggrieved party.YarbroughHuron 2/27/2015 2/27/2015 2015-Ohio-706
State v. Wymer L-14-1038Trial court did not abuse its discretion by denying appellant's presentence motion to withdraw plea entered pursuant to North Carolina v. Alford after full and fair consideration of the motion.OsowikLucas 2/27/2015 2/27/2015 2015-Ohio-707
State v. Yates L-13-1266Trial court judgment was not against the manifest weight of the evidence or otherwise improper. Judgment affirmed.OsowikLucas 2/27/2015 2/27/2015 2015-Ohio-708
State v. Jones L-13-1193Appellant was convicted for his involvement in the shooting of two toddlers at Moody Manor apartments. He was sentenced to life in prison and ordered to pay costs of supervision, prosecution, confinement, and appointed counsel. Upon review, we vacate the portion of the trial court's sentencing order requiring appellant to pay the costs of his confinement and appointed counsel. We affirm all other aspects of the order.JensenLucas 2/20/2015 2/20/2015 2015-Ohio-629
Bank of Am., N.A. v. Duran L-14-1031In a foreclosure action, the bank has standing to enforce the note and mortgage where it demonstrates that it is in possession of a note which is indorsed in blank. The mortgagor lacks standing to challenge the assignment of the mortgage from the original lender. A bank's alleged lack of standing does not deprive the trial court of subject-matter jurisdiction over the case.YarbroughLucas 2/20/2015 2/20/2015 2015-Ohio-630
State v. Connin L-14-1098Trial court did not err by denying appellant's motion to vacate his sentence.OsowikLucas 2/20/2015 2/20/2015 2015-Ohio-631