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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
State v. Gregory 27523Brady v. Maryland, void for vagueness, sufficiency, manifest weight, mens rea, in the vicinity of a school, R.C. 2925.041MooreSummit 11/25/2015 11/25/2015 2015-Ohio-4901
State v. Mavrakis 27457sufficiency of the evidence - trespass element of aggravated burglary - manifest weight - presentence investigation report - felony sentencing - R.C. 2929.19(B)(2)(f)WhitmoreSummit 11/25/2015 11/25/2015 2015-Ohio-4902
State v. Gilcreast 27804direct appeal - affirmed convictions - remand - findings - consecutive sentencesCarrSummit 11/18/2015 11/18/2015 2015-Ohio-4745
Bentley v. Equity Trust 14CA010630summary judgment, choice of law, torts, contracts, securities, Ponzi scheme, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, civil conspiracy, aiding and abetting breach of a fiduciary duty, class action.SchaferLorain 11/16/2015 11/17/2015 2015-Ohio-4735
Hunt v. Alderman 27416Intentional tort exception, co-worker immunity, R.C. 4123.741, summary judgment, entry sufficient for appellate review.MooreSummit 11/12/2015 11/12/2015 2015-Ohio-4667
State v. Hickman 27321Domestic violence - sufficiency - manifest weight - mistrial - plain error - prosecutorial misconduct - juror misconduct.CarrSummit 11/12/2015 11/12/2015 2015-Ohio-4668
In re G.D. 27855Termination of parental rights, permanent custody, remand, weight of the evidence, defect in docketing, identity, ineffective assistance of counsel, participation in permanent custody hearing, unsworn statement, dismiss the complaint, reasonable efforts bypass, incarceration.WhitmoreSummit 11/12/2015 11/12/2015 2015-Ohio-4669
McDade v. Morris 27454Subpoena - motion to quash - non-party - undue hardship - substantial need - hearing - privileged material - final, appealable order.HensalSummit 11/12/2015 11/12/2015 2015-Ohio-4670
Spero v. Avny 27272Disqualification, directed verdict, Civ.R. 50(A)(4).HensalSummit 11/12/2015 11/12/2015 2015-Ohio-4671
State v. Cornwell 14AP0017manifest weight of the evidence, sufficiency of the evidence, self-defense, domestic violence, unlawful restraint, Evid.R. 404(B), prior bad acts, harmless error.SchaferWayne 11/9/2015 11/9/2015 2015-Ohio-4617